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Spring Outfit Of The Day: Bright Orange Maxi Skirt

By Amber Johnson @AmberCJohnson

Hey fashionistas! Today I’m showing you what I wore today for school. It’s a great Spring outfit, and it’s super duper colorful! This outfit has bits of hipster and punk influence, but is also pretty at the same time. It has a bunch of different bright colors (including my hair lol ^_^) that make it interesting and perfect for the warmer weather!
I made the skirt myself because I love maxi skirts and the fabric at the store was just calling my name! If you don’t know how to wear a maxi skirt, then this outfit will be a good example of how to wear a maxi skirt. It’s perfect to pair with a band tee and denim jackets. Top it off with some killer shoes and you have yourself an awesome outfit!

Colorful Spring Outfit of the Day Maxiskirt

Here’s a video showing the outfit, and a list of places items were purchased:

If you cannot view the above video, click here for the tutorial on this look: Spring Outfit Of The Day: Neon Orange Maxi Skirt
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Blink 182 Band Tee t-shirt

Bright orange maxi skirt

Where Clothing Items Were Purchased:


-Blink 182 Band Tee – Salvation Army Thrift Shop
-Denim jacket – from my Aunt Carlene [buy similar here]


-Neon Orange Maxi Skirt – DIY [buy similar here] <— great price


-Neon Yellow Chunky Heels – Color [buy here]


-Bracelets – DIY and gift [buy similar here]
-Necklace – gift [buy similar here]

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Fashion Gallery

If you find this outfit interesting, or just find fashion photos interesting in general, then here are a bunch of pictures for your enjoyment! I really like how bright the neon orange maxi skirt is, and how it flows in the wind!

hipster band tee t-shirt outfit

It was very windy out that day. Great for the skirt, but bad for hair! :P

colorful bracelets diy spring fashion

These are  the colorful bracelets I wore. I made the two friendship bracelets, and I think I got the other two from a friend. Oh yeah, Leila gave them to me for my last birthday ^_^

band tee t-shirt outfit

Yess! Do you guys like Blink 182? Tell me in the comments! If you’ve never heard of them, I’m giving you the assignment to look them up! They’re great. This shirt is from a thrift shop, and you can always find inexpensive band tees there if that’s something you’re into!

Artsy Fashion Photos Blog

It was soo easy to keep my balance on this small wall… okay lies, I almost lost my balance once, but it made cool pictures!

Hipster Punk Fashion Outfit Blog

Do I look like an airplane in this?

Hipster Fashion

Amber Camille Johnson Fashion

Yup. So there’s my face!

alternative hipster punk outfit fashion

Notice the flowers in the background are just starting to bloom! I can’t wait for all the color to return to earth! haha

spring outfit of the day

The denim jacket is a vintage piece from my Aunt Carlene and I love it!

spring outfit ideas 2013 fashion

The maxiskirt I made turned out to be very flowy. Just the way I like it!

spring fashion 2013

Punk Outfit of the day

outside outfit of the day fashion

neon orange maxi skirt

hipster glasses

Here are my glasses! I got them like 3 years ago and thought they were so cool! I was the only one I knew with glasses like these, but now everyone and their mother wears them and it’s really annoying. They’ve lost their uniqueness :/

diy home made maxi skirt orange

colorful spring outfit

Tell me what you think about this outfit in the comments! I know it’s a little crazy but if you think so, tell me! I just like talking to you guys ahah :)

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Video Transcribed:

Hey guys! Today I’m gunna show you a quick outfit of the day for SPRING TIME! This is the outfit that I wore to school today, and it was super bright and colorful, just like Spring. I waited all winter to start wearing skirts and t-shirts again, and couldn’t be happier that it’s Spring. Also I made the skirt yesterday and was dying to wear it!
The graphic t-shirt I’m wearing is a band tee for Blink 182. The band is great and so is the design on their shirt, which I got from a Salvation Army.
This denim jacket you see me wearing is a vintage piece from my aunt.
Now I finally get to talk about the skirt! So this is a skirt I made yesterday in my sewing class. I finished all of the requirements for the year and had extra time, so yesterday I brought in some neon orange fabric and started making this maxi skirt. I got super into it so I stayed after school to finish it, and got to wear it today as the focus of my outfit. Yay for bright colors!
So these amazing shoes are my bright neon yellow chunky heel boots from They’re my favorite shoes ever and I love them so much! Even though they’re like 6 inches, they’re pretty comfortable to walk in so I think it’s fine wearing them to school.
I didn’t want to make my outfit any busier, so I wore a simple silver cross necklace that I got as a gift.
I stacked on a few colorful bracelets from who knows where, and a couple friendship bracelets I made myself.
And of course I’m wearing my glasses too!
So that’s it for my outfit! I’ll have links to everything on my blog which is in the description box below, and if you liked my video, please subscribe! If you want to show me your Spring outfit, post it as a video response!
Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in my next video, bye!!

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