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Spring Makeup Using Analogous Colors and Double Winged Liner

By Amber Johnson @AmberCJohnson

Hey everyone! Today’s makeup look is from a long time ago; 3 hair colors ago, to be exact! Haha :P This look was a simple spring look using three different colors. They are analogous, warm colors, which makes the makeup look colorful, yet effortless.

It’s really easy to recreate this look, and it’s perfect now that it’s finally Spring! The flowers are blooming again, and everything’s getting colorful again, so why not assimilate?

Amber Camille Johnson Makeup

Here are all the Steps and Products I used:

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1) Apply your foundation, making your face look as natural as possible, but also give it a fresh, dewy finish. I looks great with the colors, and the way I did mine makes my face look like it’s glowing! (See pictures below for evidence of that).

2) Use an orange eyeliner to line your upper lash line. You want to wing it out just a bit. If you don’t have an orange eyeliner, you could do what I did and use a white eyes hadow base/eyeliner to create the shape, then press an orange eye shadow on top of it to get the color.

3) Repeat the same thing on the bottom lash line, but use yellow instead of orange. Wing this out as well, making it match up with the orange.

4) Use your favorite mascara on your upper and lower lashes. I used a blue one, but you can only hardly tell it’s blue.

5) Apply your brightest red lipstick, and you’re done! This look is great if you want to colorblock your makeup without looking crazy. The fact that I used analogous colors to create this look makes it flow better, and be a bit less outrageous.

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Makeup Gallery

I hope you all liked this simple, color blocking makeup look. Makeup using analogous colors is a great way to incorporate color onto your face, especially in the spring time!

Spring Eye Makeup

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Colorful Makeup

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Colorful Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial

Bright Red Lips

Bright Makeup

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Spring Makeup Using Analogous Colors and Double Winged Liner

Posted by at March 26, 2013
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