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SOS to the Rescue ~ Not Running on Empty

By Lifeasarunningmom @RunningMom6
SOS to the rescue ~ Not running on emptyOn July 12th I posted on facebook that dear hubby and I partied way too much after getting our marriage validated but yet we ran 10 miles. My overall pace was 9'15". That is AWESOME for me. I promised to tell you how I pulled it off and here is my story.
To be honest, I didn't plan to run longish Sunday and didn't even pack my hydration vest. I also didn't intend to party as much as we did but after applying first aid and holding a towel to the head of an 8.5 year old boy for what felt like forever until the paramedics arrived, it was time to party. Plus we were on our honeymoon! But before I tell you about that let me tell you about the first aid story. The winds started twirling and essentially a whirlwind picked up a lounge chair off the grass, carried it across the poolside and another row of lounge chairs, and it dropped down in the pool onto a group of people. My first thought was I hoped no one got hurt. Then I saw the bloody head and went immediately into helper mode. Dad was there for the boy but he seemed quite okay with me applying the pressure. Thank God the wound, which was nasty beyond belief, calmed down in the bleeding realm. Poor little kiddo.
So after that I wasn't ready to sit back down by the pool chilling. We went to the poolside bar for a little snack and I enjoyed a cold beer. Later in the day I enjoyed some of the champagne the hotel left us in honor of our marriage validation and to enjoy our honeymoon AND they gave us a great room. So if you are on Maui and looking for a place to stay on the west side, I highly recommend the Ka'anapali Beach Hotel. They rock the boat and we have had many staycations well as many other locals. P.S. The little boy was from Maui too on a staycation.
SOS to the rescue ~ Not running on emptyAfter enjoying more alcohol in a day then I had in months I continued hydrating well with water. I even started that with the first beer. I drank lots and lots of water. Once morning came I felt perfectly fine and I topped off our sports bottle with some icy water and added a berry SOS Rehydrate -- my new go to hydration drink. I honestly feel this drink made all those Texas runs awesome and is allowing me to run longer without turning to a gel, which is a GREAT thing since gels tend to mess with my tummy.
When dear hubby and I started out on our run I still thought we would do an easy run but I guess I got inspired by not only my buddy but his brother's runner and on the run I decided I would run 10 miles for Toby as Mercedes ran 10 miles for Boaz. We would bless both boys with lots of running! And I seriously decided this on the run at about mile 3 on our out and back course. I can't say dear hubby was impressed with me but he was out of sorts as he wasn't in the driver's seat of this run. But what can I say? The weather was awesome (although dear hubby and another runner thought I was crazy when I said how cool it felt...guess I am still used to running in humid Texas).
SOS to the rescue ~ Not running on emptyBut in all seriousness, I feel a lot of my performance and sense of ease of running is due to how I fuel SOS Rehydrate is awesome. It isn't too sweet so I can actually drink it but yet it provides me with all the electrolytes I need. And yes, I ran 10 miles just with that. No gels. Nothing else and I didn't even eat breakfast first. Nothing. We headed out on empty stomachs and I won't say that is the way to go as at mile 9 my tummy was grumbling for food but I also didn't want a heavy resort breakfast in me before running and didn't plan on running 10 miles. But I did. Thank you SOS! You saved me!
my body.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful to be on TeamSOS and I got that announcement after promising to tell you this story. 

Daily Bible Verse: It is better to live in a corner of the housetop than in a house shared with a quarrelsome wife. ~ Proverbs 21:9
I love today's bible verse as it reminds me to pick my battles, let little things go, and to be a peaceful wife and mom.

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