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Some Days You Just Know!

By Hockettruns @WriteRunWrite

I woke up the other morning feeling frisky. I checked my phone and my friend on Twitter @TheRunningMike posted that he felt like doing something crazy in the Illinois heat; namely a long bike-ride and run!
Well, heck, if he was going to get out there and gladly kill himself in the heat, then I could definitely work in a run in our 50-60 degree weather. Sure…why not?
There was an out-and-back course I’d always wanted to try; it was four miles to the neighboring town of Buckley, and then a quick turnaround, running 4 miles back for a total of 8 miles. A neighbor had asked me once if I had ever run to Buckley, and ever since then I’ve been asking myself, “could I?”
That day I knew…it was time to see what I’m really made of! I decided to pack some water; with a run this long, it was essential that I stayed hydrated even though the weather was cool and cloudy outside. So I stuffed a 16-oz bottle of water into my fanny pack. I also put my Zune, some Ginseng energy packets, my phone, tissue, and my house key in there. I got dressed and was ready.
The cool breeze was a welcome relief from the humidity that soaks us through and through in the afternoons. Commute traffic was picking up, so I realized I had to be really careful but I still listened to my Zune music player on my oversized headphones as I ran.
Down to the highway I ran, checking my legs and body for any signs of fatigue, soreness, and the like. I had done speedwork the day before, and my workouts lately had been less than ideal. Luckily, everything seemed fine so I took that as a green light to keep going.
At the end of Warner Ave., I hit the traffic light and when the gray hand appeared, I crossed the street and began running down the freeway that takes you to Buckley. The long, flat stretch that is part of our landscape seemed to go on forever. We live on a plateau, which is great, but makes hill repeats a bit tough! I was grateful when the highway began its decent.
When I began running down the little hill into Buckley proper, I felt like I was flying. I was running a race, and I was already the winner! No one could stop me; I was home free. The downhill was short lived though; up came the road again….and the beautiful bridge!
I couldn’t wait for the bridge; the view of the river below, the feeling of being suspended in midair; it was surreal and oooh so fun! Even though I was running at a good clip, I took in the beauty surrounding me and shuddered a little when a semi truck crossed the bridge next to me and made a loud noise.
Once I was on the other side, one more little incline awaited me. The final one. At the top I saw the familiar sights we always see when we visit or drive by; the cemetary, the stadium where they hold the annual log show, the paved trail, the fairgrounds, and the park. I waved at the road crew, especially the lonely flagger, then pressed on. I’d made it; and I turned off the highway to the mouth of the local walking trail and stopped for a drink. I was safe; now all I had to do was log some distance on the trail and I was ready to make my way back home.
The paved trail was fun to run on, and had new meaning now that I had run it in my first 5K. In fact, that day I ran exactly where the 5K took me; past the stadium, down behind Del’s feedstore and Wally’s Drive-In, and over to the intersection where we turned to head back to the high school where we started. It’s a fun section of the trail since you get to see people enjoying their milkshakes at Wally’s and kids playing on the swings at the park. I felt like I was home, even though I was far from home.
I sat down on a bench just before reaching the spot where I was going to turn around and had some more water and just rested; I was beginning to feel the fatigue in my feet and a little tightening in my calves; I’m sure they were astounded at how far I had gone and were dreading the run back!
After I turned around and all the way home, it was walk…then run….walk then run….and I didn’t mind at all because I knew I was asking a lot from my tired, overworked body.
And that exhilirating hill that I ran down? I had to run it back up! I was not looking forward to that; so after a push to run across the bridge (I had no choice on that one; a cyclist was behind me, urging me on) I slowed to a walk. Then at the bottom I made a run for it. I made it about 3/4 of the way; not bad considering I was verrry tired!
When I got back into town, I crossed at the same traffic light then sat down on a bench again at the park. I checked my phone; I had one text message so I responded to that then called my husband. He answered on the first ring.
I told him what I’d done; he was amazed! And glad that I was safe, too! He asked how tired I was; I said “very.” He told me his schedule for the rest of the day and we hung up.
I walked/ran the rest of the way home; more like limped because I began to feel the start of a blister on my right toe; sigh I guess after a run like this, it was bound to happen sooner or later!
When I got home I went through my routine and just meditated on the events of that morning. I thought about Mike’s tweet and what he was feeling on his long bike-ride in the Illinois heat. I think he knew that today was the perfect day to push the envelope; I know I did. Some days you just know; today is the day to do something crazy, and brag about it!
I don’t mean to brag, but I ran 8 miles the other day and I have the blister to prove it!

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