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By Hockettruns @WriteRunWrite

I have two events scheduled for 2012 so far and I am so pumped! The first is a half marathon. My first half marathon! :) It is in March 2012 and I cannot wait. Here’s the link to their fabulous website. What is also cool about it is I might meet one or more Twitter friends at the event. :)

Running a half marathon, in my mind, is very doable for me. I can already run 8-9 miles (with some walking) and only have some fatigue from it the next day. Some friends who have run half marathons have told me that since I can run over 8 miles now, I should train for a half marathon. So I am.


I think this race will test my resolve, determination, will, as well as my mental and physical capacity.

Bring it on.

Lake Sammamish is also one of our favorite areas; it is beautiful and the lake is breathtaking. Who wouldn’t want to attend this event?

I had a 5K in April that I was seriously considering attending as well, but their website is down or not functioning, so they may have cancelled it.

Guess that gives me the go ahead to do some other events instead!

Now that I’m not working anymore, I have to be careful how many events I take on. Especially with the holidays, I need to make sure that our finances don’t get squeezed like an orange!


I am looking forward to any events that I can participate in; it’s a little Christmas gift to myself for training my butt off!

What events do you have planned for this holiday season or for 2012?

Happy running!

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