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Social Networking Addiction

By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254
Social networking sites have taken over everything. Nearly every business nowadays has a Facebook page and Twitter account. There are adverts on TV mentioning 'follow us on Twitter' or 'find us on Facebook'. There are currently more than 1 billion Facebook users, which is crazy, but has the 'craze' of social networking made people addicted to it? Here are just 5 ways that are associated with social networking addiction.
1) Constantly checking into places. If you are someone that checks into every train station, restaurant, club, bar, shop, then I think your a little bit addicted. Social networking is for, well, networking, not to let everyone know where you are every second of every day! On a serious note, by doing that, it has enabled stalkers to 'stalk more' as they know where the person is all the time, so, be careful!
2) Uploading hundreds and hundreds of pictures when you are out. If you go out to a restaurant, bar, club, shop etc, and feel the need to upload a picture of every meal you buy, every drink you have, every piece of clothing you are looking at, then its time to delete your camera app! Pictures are great, everyone loves to have 'memories', but I am sure as hell that people aren't interested in seeing every piece of food you eat! Try enjoying your meal and the people you are there with rather than being on your phone....
3) This one is more popular than you can imagine - Using social networking sites whilst using the lavatory.... - Who actually does this? what kind of person rushes to the bathroom, 'begins' and then thinks - 'I better update my Facebook status!'??? If you are doing this, my god....sell your smartphone and go back to a Nokia 3310!!
4) Using social networking sites as soon as you open your eyes in the morning. If the first thing you do every single morning when you wake up, is checking your social networking accounts, then that is a sign you are addicted to them. Most people tend to wake up and go straight to the bathroom/kitchen, or check the news/weather. But if your first instinct is to check your Facebook or Twitter, then that is a clue that when you're awake, you can't stay away from those apps/sites.
5) Lastly, constantly tweeting about yourself/uploading hundred of pictures of yourself and liking your own Facebook posts. It is a little bit strange if you like your own Facebook posts.....why do that? obviously you like what you said because you said it! You don't then have to show your friends - 'I very much like what I just said guys!' - stop!. I guess if your someone who uploads tons of (what is now known as) 'selfies', Then you probably have many mirrors throughout your house as you love yourself. If you upload picture after picture of you pouting into the camera, there is only one reason for that -attention seeking, and nobody likes an attention seeker!
Some of you reading this may disagree and say something like 'so if I take a picture of myself that means I'm addicted to Facebook?'. These are things that I have commonly seen written in articles that have actually been about social networking addiction, as it is a real thing! But just remember, people that are addicted to something usually deny it...

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