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So Much To Say, So Little Time

By Katherine @pbrunnerblog
I'm about to update you on the latest quotes from my dear mother. If you're rolling your eyes and expecting boring quotes that are what the typical adult would discuss, keep reading. Let's just say my mother deserves her own hash-tag on Twitter for the amount of outrageous hilarious things she says.
So Much To Say, So Little Time
As we are driving down the highway, I point out a Texas A&M bumper sticker on another car. (above)
Mom: "Hey look! That lady has an Aggie Mom bumper Sticker. I'm an Aggie Mom. Whaddup            Aggie Mom!"
Mom: "I like to bring the sass when I'm driving."
Mom: "Today is a good day because there is no school. That is all."
Those are just the best quotes from our little mini trip that I'll tell you about later. Some all time favorites are:
"I noticed I didn't get any scratch off lotto tickets for Christmas."
"When the world was supposed to end, I was on Facebook, and then I was like I have no life."
"I need someone to manage my life."
"A&M is going to the Cotton Ball this year, right?"
"What are you smoking? Ha I actually just said that!"

So Much To Say, So Little Time
 I'll end this post with yet another mom quote, "Peace out Girl Scouts."

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