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September Love List

By Nadine
20 things I'm loving right now:
  1. My mom for making relaxation eye bags for my students to use during Savasana.
  2. Fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries given to me by my students.
  3. The cooling weather.
  4. Season premiere time on TV.
  5. Time outside with friends.
  6. The kooky novel: Me, Myself and Why?
  7. Cutest cat in the world (mine, of course).
  8. How good my body feels when I stretch it, thank you Yoga!
  9. New classes starting next week through the City.
  10. Watching three of the neighbourhood cats play out their dramas in our backyard. No fighting, just some skulking, stalking and posturing.
  11. Getting administrative work done early in the morning instead of leaving it for later in the day.
  12. Kung Pao anything. I made Kung Pao green beans the other day. So yummy!
  13. My new workouts with a little bit of everything (elliptical, boxing, dance, weights, pilates).
  14. Lots of classes right now (15 this week!). Thank you students and thank you universe!
  15. Great meditations.
  16. Angel food, yogurt and berries. So good!
  17. That feeling of certain things falling into place.
  18. Studying Ayurveda.
  19. Spiritual exercises from a book by Marianne Williamson.
  20. How happy I feel right now!

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