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Sephora Rouge

By Beautifulbuns

Chinese New Year is coming! In true cheena tradition, it’s time to bring out all the reds – it’s the one time of the year that I’m socially allowed to dress from top to toe in red and not be mocked for it. On the contrary, I usually get praised for it – Chinese believe that red brings and signifies luck. Of course, I stop short of wearing red undies. that’s a little OTT, doncha think?

sephora rouge

sephora rouge (1)

sephora rouge (2)

sephora rouge (3)

sephora rouge no lipstick
Here’s one of me with no lipstick on, no balm, no nothing.

sephora rouge r07
Me with the R07 on – you can click on the images to enlarge them


sephora rouge r15
Me with the R15 on


I say…

These two turned out surprisingly different from their swatches on my hand.

  • Check out R07 for instance – it turned out to be more coral-orange on my lips.
  • The R15 also turned out to be more natural on my lips versus the pink-plum on my hands.
  • The R07 has a higher shine factor, so be sure to have perfectly moisturised and non-peeling or non-chapped lips when you wear it. If you click on my picture to enlarge it, you’ll realise that you can see my peeling lips very clearly.
  • The R07 is more coral, so it kinda makes my skintone look yellowish. Those with similar skintone – stay away from this.
  • On the other hand, the R15 turns out surprisingly well – it has a more matte finish, and actually looks like I’ve got naturally rosy lips. Plus, even after I pucker up, it doesn’t sink into the crevices of my lips.
  • Both go on very smoothly without having a too-thick consistency.
  • Plus, there’s a sweet bubblegummy scent, which makes me want to smack my lips more. heh.

If I were to recommend, I’d totally say get the R15, simply cos the colour is more wearable.


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