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  • I'm Not Scared. Okay.. Maybe I Am.

    Scared. Okay.. Maybe

    Confession time.. When I was younger I absolutely loved a good horror film or TV show. Horror was probably my favourite genre, but nowadays I just can't watch... Read more

    The 14 June 2015 by   Alex_bumptobaby
  • Remembering What I Learned From Friends

    Remembering What Learned From Friends

    When I was younger I often watch American TV shows. My favorite shows are Melrose Place - until mom prohibited me from watching it because of some well a lot... Read more

    The 15 June 2015 by   Ian_delapena
  • Happy Birthday Daniel!!

    Happy Birthday Daniel!!

    Happy Birthday Daniel! Today we celebrate the birth of a great man! You came into this world before your time but have been a force to reckon with ever since.... Read more

    The 26 June 2015 by   Djrelat7
  • Style Swap Tuesdays - a Revelation

    Style Swap Tuesdays Revelation

    It took me four, yes four freaking years to break out of my comfort zone, and wear a midriff-baring top. I had always intended on wearing one, but my fear of... Read more

    The 30 June 2015 by   Saumya Shiohare
  • MINIMALIST- a Little Blue Dress

    MINIMALIST- Little Blue Dress

    With my body type, apparently the inverted triangle types, it is hard to find quality shift dresses, that have room in the top and still fit my petite bottom,... Read more

    The 04 June 2015 by   Saumya Shiohare
  • When There Are No Words

    When There Words

    Sometimes you look at a news story and you have no words. That’s what happened to  me yesterday as I looked through two articles: One from The Atlantic and the... Read more

    The 17 June 2015 by   Marilyngardner5
  • My Approach to Mealtimes with a Toddler

    Approach Mealtimes with Toddler

    I think that as parents we all just try our best with our children. There's no rule book or manual and so we rely on instinct and gut feeling. Read more

    The 22 June 2015 by   Alex_bumptobaby
  • Viva La Vida: My 30th Birthday Fiesta!

    Viva Vida: 30th Birthday Fiesta!

    It is #birthdayweek at the casa as I turn 30 on Friday! Since my birthday falls on a travel holiday, I typically just travel myself, like our trip to Belize,... Read more

    The 29 June 2015 by   Lillyneu
  • Mike Morris Invitational 2015 Swim Meet Weekend

    Mike Morris Invitational 2015 Swim Meet Weekend

    Our first weekend of the summer, and it was wonderful! We had a swim meet both days, and an equine adventure, right here in the Willamette Valley. Read more

    The 15 June 2015 by   Rodeomurrays4
  • Blue


    Last year at the launch of the Walking On Wyre map in Garstang Norman Hadley read a wonderful poem, ‘Learning The Truth About Kingfishers’ that explained how th... Read more

    The 28 June 2015 by   Ashleylister