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Scrambled Eggs in a Mason Jar

By Slimshoppin @slimshoppin

I have Fillmore containers for making my breakfast this week super easy. In case you don’t know – I was the 1,000 Facebook fan and they sent me an assortment of mason jars. I use them all the time!

I bring my breakfast to work, especially in the summer – with the kids off school, I sleep until the last possible second before having to get ready for work. On Monday I contemplated just taking an egg to work – putting it into a Tupperware container and hoping it wouldn’t break on the way to work. I was just going to cook it int he microwave when I got to work. I couldn’t find a container – then I saw my jars on the shelf and a great idea popped into my head.

I’ll just put all the ingredients into the mason jar and it will be safe on my short commute to work – and I’ll have a deluxe breakfast!

So, into my jar went:

2 eggs
splash of skim milk
fresh chives
red and yellow bell peppers (a few tablespoons)
1 green onion
fresh corn (about 2 tablespoons)
salt and pepper to taste
tablespoon of cheese

I cracked the eggs into the jar, and whisked them together. Add the rest of the ingredients. Once I got to work, I just shook it up, took the top off and cooked it in the microwave for 1.5 minutes.

scrambled egg in a jar

You’ll know when it’s done because it won’t be runny. If it’s still seems pretty wet, microwave it a little longer. Watch it though – because depending on the size of your jar it may puff up over the top – If it starts to do that – just stop it, wait a few seconds and then keep going. I also placed a paper towel over the top in case it splattered.

Some days I added 1/2 a cooked potato to it, reduced fat turkey sausage. It’s a great way to use up any leftover veggies you may have. This with a side of watermelon or cantaloupe was a great way to start the day and it kept me full until lunch.

What’s is your easy – go to breakfast??

So if you follow my twin sister Biz’s blog you know she’s on day 48 of Insanity!!! I am super proud of her, so much so, that I may jump on the insanity bandwagon too! We’ve been talking about it pretty much every day – I think it’s the push I need to get into the next lower numbers on the scale. Until then, I’m including a mini challenge – the 30 day plank challenge.



plank challenge

I know a lot of people HATE doing planks, but I don’t hate them! So we’ll see if I can make it through the 30 days!

Have a great weekend – it’s my half day on Friday – so looking forward to getting errands done that I’ve put off – even in the 95 degree heat!

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