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Largest-Ever Paper Airplane Takes Flight Paperblog Pick in Science

Largest-Ever Paper Airplane Takes Flight

Arturo Valdenegro, a 12-year-old Tucson resident, made paper aviators everywhere look minuscule by comparison last week. In the skies over the Sonora desert in Arizona, the Pima Ai... Read more

Search Moon Trees Paperblog Pick in Science

In Search Of Moon Trees

image credit Did you know that scattered around our planet are hundreds of creatures that have been to the Moon and back again. None of them are human. And most are missing.... Read more


  • Safe Water

    Safe Water

    by ConroyGathering unsafe water in IndiaI’m fond of saying that the modern world started when indoor plumbing,fresh water and modern sanitation, became widely... Read more

    The 29 March 2012 by   Conroy
  • The Mysteries of the Blunt

    Mysteries Blunt

    Why do so many smokers combine tobacco with marijuana? People who smoke a combination of tobacco and marijuana, a common practice overseas for years, and... Read more

    The 22 March 2012 by   Dirkh
  • Giant Spaceship Seen Next to Sun! AGAIN! Er… Well, Not Really

    Giant Spaceship Seen Next Sun! AGAIN! Well, Really

    The massive alien spaceship refuelling! Or not. Whoah! Are aliens visiting us – again? Well, no. Remember the spaceship that turned out the be a trick of the... Read more

    The 16 March 2012 by   Periscope
  • Mariana Trench: James Cameron’s Titanic Deepsea Challenger Voyage

    Mariana Trench: James Cameron’s Titanic Deepsea Challenger Voyage

    Hollywood director and deep sea explorer James Cameron. Photo credit: Jurvetson Visionary Hollywood director James Cameron has returned to the surface after... Read more

    The 26 March 2012 by   Periscope
  • Big Players in the Discovery of Evolution

    Players Discovery Evolution

    Today as part of our evolution week, Into the Wild is going to be looking at those scientists that were instrumental in the formation of the modern theory of... Read more

    The 15 March 2012 by   Frontiergap