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12 Things 'Enhanced' With Radiation

Posted on the 16 March 2012 by Gerard @presurfer
12 Things 'Enhanced' With Radiation
There was a time when radiation was considered safe, even good for your health. A well known example of radioactive quackery was Radithor. It consisted of triple distilled water containing at a minimum 1 microcurie each of the radium 226 and 228 isotopes.
Radithor was manufactured from 1918 to 1928 by the Bailey Radium Laboratories in New Jersey. The owner of the company was listed as Dr. William J. A. Bailey, a dropout from Harvard College, who was not a medical doctor. It was advertised as 'A Cure for the Living Dead' as well as 'Perpetual Sunshine.' Here are 12 Things 'Enhanced' With Radiation.The Presurfer

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