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Human Fossils Hint At New Species

Posted on the 15 March 2012 by Gerard @presurfer
Human Fossils Hint At New Species
The remains of what may be a previously unknown human species have been identified in southern China. The bones, which represent at least five individuals, have been dated to between 11,500 and 14,500 years ago. The features of the bones are quite distinct from a modern human. They have a mix of archaic and modern characteristics.
In general, the previously unknown species had rounded brain cases with prominent brow ridges. Their skull bones were quite thick. Their faces were quite short and flat and tucked under the brain, and they had broad noses. Their jaws jutted forward but they lacked a modern-human-like chin. Computed Tomography scans of their brain cavities indicate they had modern-looking frontal lobes but quite archaic-looking anterior, or parietal, lobes. They also had large molar teeth.The Presurfer

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