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Saying Goodbye to Tanner

By Fitnspicy @fitnspicy

Back again. 2 days in a row! It’s been a really hard week for us, we said goodbye to our dog Tanner last Friday. At almost 14 he was blind in one eye, had a pretty large growth, dealing with allergies so bad he was chewing himself raw and started to be very aggressive. Even biting me! Even though he was still dealing with all that we are going to miss him so much. Scott got Tanner when was only 20 and he was his constant companion. Tanner followed him everywhere and if you even said the word garden or walk he would go flying around the house barking until you let him out.

We were able to find a service that came to the house and we spent the afternoon with Tanner, taking him for a walk, getting him Dairy Queen, making him a steak dinner and giving as many cuddles as possible. Scott, myself, his parents and his sister were all there. There were many tears and we all took turns saying our goodbyes. Even writing this post I am crying. It is so difficult to lose a pet.

Scott picked up his ashes yesterday and we have them in a beautiful box with his paw print next to it. It’s home is now on our bookshelf and I know every time I walk by it I will think of him.

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