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Save Herman’s Leg Fundraiser: Help Us Send Dad to The Whitaker Wellness Institute and Avoid an Amputation

By Healyounaturally @healU_naturally
Save Herman’s Leg Fundraiser:  Help Us Send Dad to The Whitaker Wellness Institute and Avoid an Amputation

~~This is the official Save Herman's Leg Fundraiser Page.~~

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Herman is his name.

He is the best Dad in the world and that is My lovely Dad. He has a heart of gold, and has always been a a loving, devoted, selfless, kind hard working, amazing husband and Father of three. His kindness, selflessness and tireless efforts to support his family and help others is something I will forever admire.

Dad had been looking to retiring for the last few years, counting the days literally- when the day came in May 2012 he couldn't be more elated.
Mom and him had built a summer house overseas where they'd begin living life retired and happy. They decided to move out there as it would have been more affordable than living in the states, but that is not what destiny had planned for them...

Several people have asked how they could help so I have set up this account. Thank you all for your help and God bless you!

How Our Lives Changed Forever

In September of 2012 (only about four months of Dad's retirement) my mother had a brain-stem infarct or Stroke- that left her partially paralyzed (right side) at the young age of 69. Mom was always very active, and full of life and energy, until her stroke took all of that away. My siblings and I all took turns to go overseas and help Dad and other family members care for mom a couple of weeks at a time. We were devastated!

Needless to say our world turned upside down, but we were grateful because we had the help of amazing friends or family around them (overseas) at the beginning of Mom's stroke and the occasional paid aid.
However, Dad ended up being her sole care taker and that had its detrimental results to his health.

Dad had always complained of pain in his legs. He'd use topical ointments, rest his legs up, warm soaks, and even massages courtesy of Mom and yours truly :). I even got him a leg massage machine for his Birthday. He was always very active. He'd go for walks, take the stairs... He hiked Bear Mountain, and even exercised from home. He loved to be active, the outdoors- the word lazy was never part of his vocabulary.

In October of 2013 my parents decide to come back to the states as it was taking a toll on Dad's health. They stayed in GA with my oldest sister Monica and her family where they had the best care possible.
Unfortunately, at the end of 2014 they had to go back to get their things together to move back to the states for good. Dad was feeling a bit better so the went back and it was going to be a few months.

The Beginning of Dad's Worse Nightmare (And Ours)

In early 2015 Dads health quickly declined and their trip had to be scheduled a months early. That was in May of this year.
Dad comes back to GA and under his vascular Dr advise he begins treatment for blockages:
Dad undergoes about four surgeries in a matter of a month and a half, which comprised of:
Vein surgeries or angiograms (with stents),
First on the right leg then the left leg to clear the blockages in the main arteries in the legs.

Dad had developed ulcers in 2014 that wouldn't heal and that stopped him from being active.

Dad was in an out of the hospital with relentless pain due to Neuropathy. It was so heart braking to hear him after my sister asked one day: Dad what is your pain level from 1-10 and he said 15. Nephew rushes to the ER were he was stabilized with Morphine as pain meds weren't doing anything.

(Note: Dates are approximate as I am putting this together as fast as I can)
Then two days later after that ER visit, in early June Dad is scheduled for the second vein surgery in is left foot.
His vascular Dr. performs the vein surgery in his LEFT leg and he is sent home.
After four days of that surgery and to our horror. Dad's toes (4 & 5) on the left foot start turning purple, then gray and the almost black. The unthinkable was happening right before our eyes.... Dads toes were necrotic and he was facing an amputation.

Our fears are confirmed: Dad Faces Loosing His Foot

Dad had to go see a wound care Dr. every week. I think we grew fearful of these wound care visits as they all carried one bad news after the other.
Wednesday came, wound care Dr. sees his toes and tells Daddy that an amputation of toes 4 & 5 were imminent as he was risking gangrene of his other toes.
He then schedules an appointment with his vascular colleague for an amputation the next day. His toes are removed then Dad is sent home to recover.

A week later Dad is taking to the infamous wound care appointment. The nightmare repeats all over. Toe number 3 has also turned necrotic and Daddy is schedule once more for an amputation of this toe the next day. As schedule Daddy loses his third toe and he now tells us has now settled for this faith.

The week goes by, nurses come home three times a week to clean his wound, he continues hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy but the wound or foot aren't looking that great.

Wednesday July 15 comes we are petrified, and he sees the wound care Dr. a former vascular surgeon. He looks at Daddy's foot and informs my nephew that his foot has gangrene- he is facing an infection in the blood and that is why foot has to be removed ASAP. I am not sure we can handle more of this and neither can Dad. They go home devastated to tell us all the news.

We call for a second opinion with a vascular Dr. Next morning Sister and her son go first hing in the morning, and to their horror the second vascular Dr. confirms the grim news. Sorry guys his foot has grangrene and it must be done as he is crying himself- when he sees Daddy's foot pretty much with mostly dead tissues or necrotic.

Now Dad has gangrene of the foot and it all points out to Dad loosing his lower leg to an amputation. no longer just the foot. Dad's current vascular Doctor schedules his for an amputation at the end of July.

I reach out to the Whitaker Wellness institute in California to try and find out if I can bring Dad there. The specialize in Diabetes complications and have had a very successful rate of saving limbs. That has always been my last hope, but the distance and cost of the treatment has made it very hard for my parents to even contemplate.

How Your Contribution Will Help

Dad has had every treatment available by conventional medicine. We deeply appreciate the hard work of every doctor and surgeon but like Dad's vascular doctor said:

I am sorry, there is nothing else I can do. The only thing left is an amputation below the knee

I thought I had heard horrible news when our mother had a stroke, but this by far felt like someone inhaled our souls. I refuse to see Dad go through more of this hell, when we can at least try proven to work alternative protocols. What has he got to lose? They have already schedule him for an amputation.

What next? No time to sit here and duel on what can't be done. There are other options, and there is one place where that holds the last hope for Dad.

The Whitaker Wellness Institute has treated patients with Diabetes Complications for over 30 years. They want to save limbs and lives -not just lives. I have researched this thoroughly and have spoken to a few of his representatives to make an informed decision. I feel t his will be the best chance my Dad will ever have of saving his foot and lower leg.

The weekly treatment which combines nutrition, intensive nutrition therapy, infrared light therapy, EECP, and Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy among other proven to work alternative treatments- to treat the root cause of his problem (poor circulation and toxicity in his arteries).
So why don't we send Daddy here? because it will costs us around$6.000 to $8.000 per week, not including travel and lodging expenses. That is why we are asking for your donation no matter how small it is.

Here are the ways you can donate:

1. Donate Via Paypal

2.Send a check or money order to:

Herman Hernandez
2234 Finch Ln
Central Islip, NY 11722

3. Deposit directly into Herman's account

Use this email to send your donation to this email: [email protected]

3. FINALLY Share this article and post in social media please.

When you share please use the hashtag #savehermansleg #hermansfunderaiser as this is how we are hoping other friends and family all over the world can find his fundraiser's here and in if you feel more comfortable.

We would like to Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping our lovely Dad regain his health and freedom. Also, for your donations and to everyone who has supported us during this difficult time.

Thankful forever!

The Hernandez Family ♥



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