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Sassoon Professional Illuminating Restore

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Review of: Sassoon Professional Illuminating Restore

Reviewed by: Kath
On March 3, 2013Last modified:March 10, 2013


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Sassoon Professional Illuminating RestoreAnother one of my February 2013 Glossybox products was the Sassoon Professional Illuminating Restore. It’s a weekly conditioner for coloured hair which restores lost colour vibrancy and prevents hair breakages, leaving your hair looking as fresh as it did when you came out of the salon.

It’s hard to actually say much about this product as I’ve only used it twice, and probably won’t be using it again. Not because it didn’t work, but just because it’s a pain to use. I wash my hair in the mornings before work, every other day.Sassoon Professional Illuminating RestoreThe Sassoon Professional Illuminating Restore needs to be applied to clean hair (after shampooing) and left for 15 minutes. For someone short of time in the mornings, this is an absolute pain in the butt, so I’ve resorted to using it at weekends only. I’m still not particularly pleased about waiting around for 15 minutes with wet hair, then getting back into the shower to rinse it out. This is just too much hassle for me, especially to do on a weekly basis.

Like I said, it’s not because it didn’t work that I’m so resistant to using this product, because it did make my hair feel soft, look very shiny and smooth, and also gave my colour a bit of a boost. It had a pleasant smell which was quite sweet but also quite strong. After I had rinsed my hair out I kept getting whiffs of the scent every time my hair moved, which was nice for the first hour or so, and then it became sickening.

This 30ml tube will likely last for about 3 uses on my medium-length hair. It’s a white semi-thick liquid housed in a very plain tube. I probably wouldn’t have bought it if I’d seen it on the shelf, and I definitely won’t be buying it again because I don’t have the patience for products like this. Especially seeing as 170ml will set you back £20.75. Again, this conditioner does work for boosting colour illumination, and it does make hair feel soft and look shiny, but most cheaper high street brands can do the same thing, and without such an annoying and sickly smell or a 15 minute wait.

Sassoon Professional Illuminating Restore

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