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Posted on the 07 May 2013 by Youchto @yourchto
I don't know about you, but I love all things sales. Actually, depending on who you are, I do know how you feel about sales.
Where in public-opinion is sales, as a profession, ranked? Well, based on a Gallup poll of the most and least honest professions in the US, four of the 10 least trusted professions have a major sales role sprinkled mainly between various positions in politics with car salespeople being the least.  I should note that in this poll lawyers ranked 11th...just saying. A secondary note, how do lawyers get their business? Yep, through a business development factor.
Let's face it, whether you're a lawyer, a home theater installer or a farmer at some point, you're going to fill the role of a salesperson.  Otherwise, how else would you find people to provide your service to, find a system to install or find a grocer or restaurant to distribute the food that you raise or grow?
I'm going to quote Thomas Watson Sr. to make my point.  "Nothing happens until someone sells something."  Sure you could have a great idea, a great product or service, a great piece of art in any form, but unless you can help someone realize that they want and need it, how great will they be if you can't get anyone to experience it. In my humble opinion, the sales profession is the foundation of our entire civilization.  We would not be where we are without it. After all, you wouldn't be reading this, nor would I be writing this if it wasn't for our parents going through relationship sales processes from first date to our conception, right?
What you'll find in future posts is my attempt to relieve the stigma about this profession as being "snakes in the grass" and empower everyone with a perception of honour, trust and pride when you think and deal with salespeople in any function.
(To Be Continued...When? Only Tynes will tell.)
"A World Built on Relationships"


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