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Learning Pains to Inspired Excitement

Posted on the 09 May 2013 by Youchto @yourchto
Yesterday, I had the opportunity to spend most of the day in training. Let me tell you, it was a tough go to say the least. Don't get me wrong, I love learning, I love improving, I developing. Bare with me. Imagine having three brands come in and give a one hour presentation each where they tried to differentiate themselves from one another. Different names for essentially the same features that allow people to do the same thing. Sure, there were very few features, different build materials and specifications that one or another could boast that the competitors couldn't, but when there's a bombardment of features for three hours, who can remember? It was all a blur. I'm pretty sure that I went cross-eyed after all the blood went from my brain to my stomach after lunch for digestive purposes.
A little hint: It doesn't matter what product category I'm referring to or whatever one we're faced with because it's the same across almost all of them. Yada yada this, yada yada that, marketing gimmick this and marketing gimmick that. It's a loud and confusing place out there especially when it comes to home theater. Listen, I get it. I feel for you because I go through it, too. We're one in the same.
But I digress.
Between Hours Four and Five, something magical happened. Overloaded with information, enthusiasm depleted and four brands in, our final presenter came in to finish it up. I wanted to leave because I felt I had a pretty good grasp regarding this company and their products, but I stuck around. You know, just in case. I sold myself on the possibilities of what may come. Full disclosure, I also stayed because I love their wireless HiFi solutions. They are so versatile and who doesn't like to have access to all the music on earth.
I am so glad that I didn't "leave before the magic happened" as they say in some circles. Although I knew virtually everything that the Representative shared, I was able to leave with two pieces of information that I didn't have before. One shined some light on an ignorant assumption that would have, without a doubt, led to a client receiving less-than-memorable, less-than-regal service. The second piece was simply a story shared of another sales professional at another dealer. He shared his idea, how he rolled it out and the amazing results. 
It's the successes of others that inspire and excite me. It's our ability to experience, learn and share that allow every industry, every field of study, every (ok...most) relationships to develop and flourish. I was sold on this story and I've started to take the necessary steps to implement them for myself and the rest of the store to provide past clients the opportunity to enjoy the same experiences that others are. In doing so, I'll enjoy further developing relationships in my life and achieving further success.
Success breeds success in ourselves and in others...if shared.

"A World Built on Relationships" 
PS: I'm in love with Sonos...yes, in love with inanimate objects.

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