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How to Enjoy True Surround Sound with a Soundbar

Posted on the 31 May 2013 by Youchto @yourchto
What are the benefits of a soundbar?
The general feedback that I get that in the ever-decreasing living spaces that are becoming available to us rather than having numerous speakers congesting the area with either exposed or hiding wiring, an aesthetically-pleasing, incognito soundbar option has made it the fastest growing product category in home theater. Most soundbars can be placed in front of the TV or are easily secured to the wall below or above a mounted TV.  This frees up space, making your living space seem a little more roomier.  In addition, the time and cost of setup of a speaker system along with wiring, concealed or otherwise, is minimized. Maybe most importantly for those that know it's a good idea to confer with their co-habitant, soundbars do wonders in getting the, "okay," when you want to add to your home theater system through the "partner-acceptance factor"
Now, the trouble with soundbars is that although they claim to imitate a 5.1 surround sound experience, but many of them are simply sound enhancers to your television.
Sonos has given us a true surround sound experience and solved this issue while maintaining the benefits of minimizing clutter, removing the speaker wire necessity and improving the "partner-acceptance factor."  Let's have a look at the components that allow this to be possible:
Sonos Playbar

This is a beautiful piece of electronics equipment.  It has 9 drivers powered by 9 amps pumping out your crisp, HiFi sound.  It can be place on a stand, or with the Sonos wall mount, you can place this soundbar above or below your TV.  Don't worry about the name being backwards when upside down and above your television either.  In addition, since the drivers are on a 45 degree angle, whether Sonos Playbar is above or below your home theater centrepiece, you will experience the same sound...BOOM!
Sonos SUB

Now here is one sleek looking sub.  The glossy black, bass-pounding subwoofer can be positioned upright or laying flat.  The .1 of your soundbar-based surround sound system has two force-cancelling drivers facing each other, this sub creates the lows that you will feel in your furniture all the way into the core of your soul making you forget that you're not at IMAX watching your favorite movie or at the local stadium with your most beloved group....BOOM!
Sonos Play 3 (x2)

This is where it is all summed up in immersing yourself in true surround sound with the Sonos Playbar.  You can place a pair of Play 3's as your surround speakers and the Sonos system will recognize them and ask you during the initial setup whether you would like them to act in this capacity.  Ummmm...YES! There you have it.  No more claims of soundbars creating a 5.1 experience which only fool you through a placebo effect.  With the 3 amps powering the 3 drivers in the Play 3's, you'll experience hearing enemy gun-fire or the branch breaking until your stalker's foot-step the way the director's intended; in true surround sound...BOOM!
Sonos Bridge
Connect to your wireless router or modem to create Sonos' own mesh network called SonosNet.  If you decide that you love what you experience and want to expand to other rooms, up to 32 zones, you can. While doing so, you strengthen your Sonos system.  Since it creates it's own network, your WiFi does degrade allowing you continued use of your other WiFi devices....BOOM!

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