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Russian Salad Recipe With Homemade Dressing

By Tatiannalovingfit @lovingfit

Russian Salad Recipe with Homemade Dressing


For the past few month’s I haven’t exactly been good with my diet or workout regimen. I’ve been kind of a slacker. And what I noticed is how much my energy levels have dropped as well as my strength.

One thing that I am really good at is recognizing when I begin to slide down. So this week I finally pulled my self together and started to clean up my diet, such eating less peanut butter ( my weakness ), and eating a lot more of fresh salads, lean chicken and fish.

I am definitely not a person to stay by the stove all day. Everything that I like to prepare for my self has to be quick and fresh. I try to make different salads everyday.

I also have been making my own salad dressings as well, the reason for that is because I just can’t seem to find any salad dressing that doesn’t come with some kind of preservatives ( not even Organic kind ).

This is a Russian Salad Recipe, with only few ingredients and full of flavor. In Russia we chop all of our salads in tiny pieces, we never eat big leaves how the do it here in US.

Salad Dressing Ingredients:


Russian Salad Recipe with Homemade Dressing


1. Two Oranges

2. 1/3 of a cup of Red Wine Vinegar

3. Two table spoons of Olive Oil

and salt to taste


Salad Ingredients:


Russian Salad Recipe with Homemade Dressing


1. Organic Cabbage

2. Cilantro

3. Mung Beans 1 cup ( you have to cook them for 40 min, or pre-soak them the day before if you want them to look like regular green peas, I don’t like to use Canned Green Peas because they are loaded with sugar )


To prepare the dressing mix Red Wine Vinegar and Olive Oil. Then squeeze the juice out of both Oranges and add it to the mixture, salt it just a bit.

Chop the Cabbage and Cilantro in to very small pieces, add cooked peas. Then add the dressing and mix very well. Salt the salad to taste as well.

Serve it with Lean Chicken Breast or eat it plain.

If you know a good Store Brand salad dressing without the preservatives please let me know, because I just can’t seem to find one.



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