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#runningstreak Day 1000

By Lifeasarunningmom @RunningMom6
#runningstreak day 1000Let's party!
It is such an amazing feeling to hit this milestone and yes, I will be running again tomorrow. I truly would have loved to run 10 miles today but I was smart and only took my legs on a slow 2.1 mile post-marathon run. You see, I don't think I would have made it to day 1000 if I focused too much on pace and distance. You have to run smart.
So in honor of my 1000 days of daily running, here are 10 things I have learned.
  1. It is okay to go slow. In fact, it is good. I let my legs guide me but that doesn't mean I never push myself.
  2. It is okay to run "just a mile". To be true to the guidelines of the United States Running Streak Association I must run one unassisted mile in each 24 hour period for my streak to be official. No problem. I have taken those one mile days as my rest days.
  3. Do not compare yourself to others. There are runners and other streak runners that run farther and faster than me. That is okay. There are some who run a minimum of three miles a day. That is perfect. It does not discredit what I am doing or who I am. 
  4. Do not feel guilty. In 1000 days of running I would by lying if I said my family was always 100% supportive. There was that run after being in the ER the night before that my mom would have preferred I didn't do so I told her I would run slow and take darling daughter with me. To me that was completely logical - I would run a mile or so pushing her in the jogging stroller. My mom didn't argue.
  5. I need neutral shoes. Yep, I have learned this through an Custom Fit Analysis with kindrunner. Thing is, I knew the shoes I just bought were wrong. They felt wrong. The fit confirmed it. No supportive shoes.
  6. Amazon is a blessing. It is hard to find the gels, protein powders, and hydration drinks on island. I would be lost without Amazon; however, I am sad I need to get my gel direct through the supplier since Amazon only carries the mango flavor. Yuck! Sorry, I do not like mango.
  7. Running more makes me crave healthier foods. My love of some indulgences has dwindled over the years. This is a good thing but boy sometimes I wish that a bowl of potato chips with a cold beer really did taste as good as it used to. Just saying....
  8. Pain killers are not a go to. I rarely ever take any. I think many can avoid them by listening to their bodies and not forcing things. And if I do take a pain killer it is for a killer headache that refuses to respond to other methods of control just has calm sounds, hydrating, and eating.
  9. Tide is an awesome detergent especially the Tide Sport.
  10.  Body Glide doesn't always work. Sorry ladies and gentlemen but it doesn't. In all reality, if you are sweating buckets I think you sweat the stuff off. I just learned that lesson three days ago. Never stop learning.
#runningstreak day 1000On a side note, as of today, I have run 4,640 streak miles. Here's to more to come!
Daily Gratitude: I am thankful to be able to run 1000 days and look forward to more to come.
Daily Affirmation: I am a marathoner.

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