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Running Races on Maui

By Lifeasarunningmom @RunningMom6
Running Races on MauiIf you are anything like me, when I am going somewhere on vacation I am always interested in what the local races are and if any race will fall nicely into my schedule. Granted, I don't go anywhere very often. My last trip was to visit family in Texas. I searched and searched for local races only to go to my sister and say, hey, any running races going on? There was one 5k. I ended up not doing it. But that is besides the point.
Perhaps you even live on Maui and are still wondering what is on the race calendar and where to look. I am happy to say there are two good places to go these days so let me help you find a race to motivate you!
First, you can check out the Valley Isle Road Runners (VIRR). VIRR is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1970 and has a good member base. There is a list of upcoming events on this site that go beyond just running to include swimming or multi-sport events. Currently, the list of upcoming races is short but don't worry. It gets updated and then you will really be able to plan ahead!
Second, you can check out Maui Running. Maui Running is a locally owned event management company and the owner is doing a great job getting the calendar of upcoming events up and posted, with registration links when provided.
The races posted on these sites may overlap but that is perfectly fine and dandy. It helps get the word out and it gives you a couple of places to check. These sites both focus on races on Maui but there are some wonderful races throughout the Hawaiian Islands. You can read about some of my favorite Hawaii races HERE. However, since I wrote that race review the Wahine Half Marathon has left Hawaii. To replace that suggestion, I would strongly recommend the Honolulu Marathon in December.
Where is a good place to look for races in your community (provide the link with your comments) and tell me about your favorite local race!
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