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Rosie's Positive Beauty Pledge

By Kittyfairy @KittyFairy
Following on from Sunday's #BBloggers conversations, on Twitter, regarding Negativity in Beauty Blogging and how to deal with it, it seems like the perfect time to be encouraging Positivity towards ourselves and each other. I think we all know that as girls we can sometimes be incredibly horrible to one another, whether it's down to jealousy, trying (in the wrong way) to be constructive, or just being plain mean!
So, with that in mind, I have to say that it's been a while since I've put up a Positive Beauty Pledge, but I'm taking a break from the usual "Guide to Staying Positive" posts, by giving you a pledge from the loveliness that is Rosie.
Rosie's Pledge
I,Rosie, ofThe Budget Beauty Book (AKA budgetingbeautiful) promise not to judge others based on the way they look or dress. I believe that everyone should be able to look the way that they choose and far be it for me to tell them if that is right or wrong. I want my blog to be a positive place where people can feel that everyone is totally accepting of them and what makes them different to everyone else rather than what is all the same. At times it can even be hard for you to be accepting of yourself. Every person has good and bad days and I can be extremely critical of myself to the point that I cry and don't want to leave the house, it;s times like these that I must remember that I am a good, kind person, and that no one else is like me, therefore no one else can be compared to me. I am unique. Just as each and every other person is. I therefore pledge to remind myself everyday how amazing I am and not to allow myself to be brought down by that little voice in my head telling me I'm not good enough. I won't allow myself to get upset about my 'ugly' days or rise to those who tell me I'm not good enough/pretty enough/ thin enough, because even if they don't like me... I love me, and thats all that matters. I am a firm believer that inner beauty is what shines through and I want to help raise awareness of this. My blog aims to 'budget beautiful inside and out' and I really want to make sure that I always have a focus on how important it is to feel beautiful inside and really let that shine through to the outside as well. That for me is true beauty and that needs to be celebrated.
The Bad
Rosie's Positive Beauty Pledge

What are you doing in this picture?
I think that was meant to be us looking sexy? I can't be sure mind you.... 
Why don't you like it?

I'm not sure if it's totally obvious by the black and white nature of the picture but I am wearing alot of make-up and very little clothes here. This picture represents a really hard time for me when I just wasn't able to be me as I felt that people wouldn't like what I had to offer to them. Instead I used make-up and clothing to make myself the person I thought I had to be. I would cake myself in foundation and bad eyeliner and wear tops as low as I can get. I think I craved some attention more than anything. I was just so desperate for people to notice me and like me, that I was willing to change myself to be whatever I thought they wanted.
Is there anything you like about the picture?
My eyebrows look pretty good.....
The Good

Rosie's Positive Beauty Pledge

When was this picture taken?
It was taken on my leavers day in May of this year.

What are you doing in this picture?

We were running around trying to say good bye to everyone. (Despite knowing we would be seeing them all during exams anyway) A friend caught us quickly to take a picture.
Why do you prefer this picture to the first one?
This was a totally unplanned picture. Usually for photographs a need a good few minutes to prepare my pose check my hair etc as I can be so self conscious. But for this one my friends just said 'CHEEESE' and we smiled. I just look so happy to be there. I'm not worrying about how I hadn't looked at my hair in a mirror all day. Or how I had forgotten to put on a large percentage of my make up. I was just so happy in that one moment and that totally shines through
Has comparing how you feel about both of these pictures made you realise anything about how you view yourself?
Happiness and acceptance of yourself really is the key to looking beautiful. Having looked at the first picture a little longer, I do actually look quite nice, but I still see myself trying to be someone I'm not. I can never see myself as truely beautiful there as my beauty is superficial and being used as a shield to hide my ture beauty. In the second picture my inner beauty shines through because I am obviously so happy and I don't really care that I may not look 'perfect' because I am being me and thats all I can ever be.
Give us an example of someone that you consider to be "unconventionally" beautiful:
Rosie's Positive Beauty Pledge
Katie Piper
Why do you consider her to be unconventional, and why do you think she is beautiful?
Following an attack in which sulphuric acid was thrown in her face Katie has been left with severe facial disfiguirement. In this day and age I would love to say discrimination against disability and disfiguirement don't occur but sadly it does. Katie recalled in some interviews that she has had instances of people calling her ugly and saying that she lost her looks after the attack but she shows that her past experiences won't hold her back and that she is beautiful even if her face may look slightly different. She was once quoted as saying 'appearence cannot be the measure of human worth' words that I will remember forever and think every person should live by. It is her bravery, confidence and inner beauty that makes her such an amazing and beautiful person.
Thank you so much for letting me take part Kat! I think this an amazing idea and the whole experience has really made me think about my ideas about beauty and how I myself want to be viewed by others. I truely do think that this is something all of you reading should do! There is alot of negativity floating around nowadays and I really think its important for all of us to try to do our part. So thank you Kat for spreading a bit of love around us all :)

And thanks to you Rosie for taking part. You are now the very proud owner (I'm sure) of your very own Positive Beauty Pledge Badge. Congrats :)

Rosie's Positive Beauty Pledge

If you are interested in taking part in the Positive Beauty Pledge, drop me an email for details :)


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