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RIP Google Reader...Follow Me on BlogLovin'

By Erika @iblushbeauty
RIP Google Reader...Follow Me on BlogLovin'
As you guys may or may not already know, Google will be retiring Google Reader officially on July 1, 2013. Why? Simply because they want to force people to migrate over to Google+ (too bad Google+ is not Google Reader). There are also rumors that they will be retiring GFC, but as of now that's only a rumor.
But no worries...although Google Reader will be missed, you can still follow me and all your favorite bloggers on Bloglovin'.  It's extremely easy to sign up and you can easily migrate all your Google Reader onto Bloglovin'!
Alternatively, you can also try Feedly - I've heard some great things about it, but I just haven't gotten around to playing around it yet. If you've tried it, please let me know how you're liking (or hating) it!
If you're already on Bloglovin', you can subscribe to my blog by clicking the button down below. If you have a blog, feel free to leave your link in the comments below and I'd love to check it out =)
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