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50 Random Facts About Me

By Erika @iblushbeauty
Hi, friends!
I can't believe that it's already been 4 months since I last blogged...that's crazy! I honestly didn't realize that it's been so long. So to get things started again, let's get reacquainted, shall we? And what better way to do so than through the 50 Random Facts About Me tag! Yes...a list of 50 totally random facts that you may or may not have known about me. Now, don't let this tag fool wasn't as easy as I thought it'd be...50 facts is a lot! And yes...I did feel a little narcissistic dedicating an entire blog post about me...but what's a little narcissism among friends? 
50 Random Facts About Me50 Random Facts About Me
1. I need to drink 2 cups of coffee everyday – one in the morning and one in the afternoon (but never after 6pm).

2. I taught myself how to drink black coffee because I loved coffee so much that I didn’t want to give it up when I started dieting (I use to really load up on milk/creamer and sugar).
3. My family has four pets – 3 dogs and a guinea pig – all of which came from me (sorry, Mom!)
4. I have extremely short nails (my nail beds are naturally shorter).
5. I have really wide feet – so I usually have to go up at least one size in shoes.
6. I am most comfortable in t-shirts and jeans.
7. I’m not good at styling my hair so I usually just keep it straight down. 
8. I prefer desktops over laptops.
9. About 50% of my friends are Koreans, so I’ve been “trained” to like all things Korean (ie. music, dramas, skincare/cosmetics, food, etc…)
10. I rarely call my friends by their real name – I always come up with a nickname of some sort.
11. I usually write as if I were speaking (conversationally).
12. I have the strictest and most over protective parents – EVER.
13. I have the most understanding, supportive, and loving parents – EVER.
14. I don’t really like watching movies with others because I prefer fast forwarding to the “good stuff”.
15. I clean everything but my room…(*__*)
16. I’m a hopeless romantic.
17. I have a way of sounding always right…or so my friends say ~
18. I love cheerful songs.
19. I’d rather get rear-ended than run over a squirrel (true story!)
20. I’m a perfectionist, so when it comes to group work, I constantly have to remind myself not to be too aggressive with my group members.
21. When everything in my room is a mess, you can always count on my vanity and bed to look neat and orderly.
22. At home, I am the “light police”…I always go around the house making sure that my parents and sisters properly turn their lights off.
23. One of my pet peeves is when people assume I’m Hispanic and automatically start speaking Spanish to me – I’m 100% Filipino!!!
24. I am fluent in Tagalog – there may be a word here and there that I stumble on, but overall I have no problem conversing in the language.
25. I am always singing in the car.
26. The sun is my enemy – that’s why during summer my friends always complain that they can’t convince me to go out with them.
27. I hate awkward silences! Others may say that I’m extremely talkative, but it’s only because I can’t stand people not talking (>.<)
28. I can’t draw to save my life…sigh!
29. I love dancing…in my room….alone.
30. Fresh flowers in my room make me SUPER happy!
31. I don’t like taking medications, so I avoid it as much as possible.
32. My Chinese zodiac sign is the DRAGON!
33. My name (Erika) stands for “eternal ruler”, so I can be pretty bossy at times ;)
34. I have to write everything down or I will not remember.
35. I only like milk chocolate – yum!!!
36. I once cried to my best friend about seeing a stray dog plop down in a random street island for “bed time”. The thought that the dog didn't have a home to go to really saddened me.
37. I generally like everybody until they give me a reason not to.
38. I always wanted a cat…but my mom isn't a fan, so I’ll probably stick to dogs (which is more than OK with me).
39. I sleep with the fan on…even when I’m freezing.
40. I have a bad habit of throwing my clothes everywhere in my room…hence the messy room.
41. I love “treasure hunting” in the dollar aisle of Target.
42. I’m HORRIBLE in math…one time, I think I almost made my teacher cry out of frustration.
43. I never order spaghetti at restaurants…I only like my Mom’s homemade spaghetti – YUM!!!
44. I can’t stand wine and/or beer…only sweet girly drinks for me!
45. I get sick when I eat anything with cinnamon and/or similar spices (ie. nutmeg). So although pumpkin spice latte sounds SO good…I’ll never be able to drink it.
46. One day, I WILL buy a house near Lake Tahoe!!!
47. I can’t stand my hands being dry...that’s why I always carry hand lotion with me.
48. I have REALLY deep and dark under eye circles (genetics).
49. I’m a foundation hoarder…it’s a problem.
50. I can’t stay mad/sad/annoyed/etc… for too long! I’m just too much of a happy person =)
Whew! You made it all the way to the end!  What's the prize? Well...I don't have one for you, except now you can officially call yourself a friend because...who else would know these facts about me aside from family and friends? Now, I challenge you to do the same tag and let others know more about you too! Feel free to do a blog post or a video - either way, leave the link down below in the comments so that I can go check it out!

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