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Review: Waxing My Brows at Benefit + Do Your Part for Charity!

By Beautifulbuns

Now as you all know by now, I have a distinctive hairstyle that I’m well-known for too lazy to change. It serves a very practical purpose of making my face appear smaller than it is, and also helps hide the untrimmed brows.

Benefit Brow Waxing (1)
That’s right folks, take it all in – le bushy brows have emerged for the whole world to see.

I decided to get my brows waxed for the first time ever with Benefit purely for a good cause.  For the month of May, Benefit will donate 100% of all takings from its brow wax services to two charities that aim to empower women, Aidha and Girls2Pioneers. Read more about the Bold is Beautiful project and the charities here.

Benefit Brow Waxing poster

Each brow wax costs only $24, and you’ll be doing your fellow females and those bushy brows plenty of good. Available at participating Benefit Brow Bars only for the month of May!

Benefit Brow Waxing (2)
The tools of the trade – you’ll get your brows waxed, trimmed and plucked to perfection.

Benefit Brow Waxing (3)
First up, your facial shape and brow structure will be measured and the points/arches will be marked out as a guide. Next, your therapist will use little ice cream sticks to scoop out the wax and apply it to your skin. It’s a nice warm sensation and doesn’t burn the skin. She will then let it set, and pull it off swiftly to remove most hair strands in one go – those that are missed out will be plucked off, or trimmed into shape. There’s not much pain involved – it’s really much akin to ripping off a bandaid.

Benefit Brow Waxing (4)
Now that the waxing is done, you’ll see her drawing in the brows for me.

Benefit Brow Waxing (5)
L: My neatly waxed brow, R: after the brows have been drawn and filled in

Benefit Brow Waxing (6)
Benefit has a plethora of tools to achieve that perfect brow – you can use a brow pencil, brow power and even a mascara tint.

Benefit Brow Waxing (7)

And voila! My brows are done in just 15-30 minutes! Fans of the straight Korean brow may not get that effect here (I requested for straight thick brows and this is what I got), but what you’ll definitely get are brows that suit your face shape. Remember guys, $24 for a brow wax, and 100% of this goes to charity – only in the month of May 2016. Book your appointment at participating Benefit Brow Bars here now!

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