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Review: Origins Modern Friction Gentle Dermabrasion

By Beautifulbuns

Now I was pretty sure I’d reviewed this, but omg, my aging memory fails me. This is an effective scrub that I have planted firmly in my bathroom these days. Whenever my skin starts getting too problematic (read: bumpy, cloggy etc), I reach for this handy white little tube.

Origins Modern Friction scrub (1)Origins Modern Friction Gentle Dermabrasion

Origins Modern Friction scrub (2)

Origins Modern Friction scrub (3)

Origins Modern Friction scrub (4)

Origins Modern Friction scrub (5)

I say…

The Packaging: A simple, idiot-proof standing tube with a flip-open cap. Squeeze the tube body to dispense the scrub.

The Scent: A slight whiff of lemony zest and critrus hints, but it’s really faint.

The Texture: A very thick, creamy paste with exfoliating bits – it’s kinda like cookie dough consistency.

The Application: Now there are two methods of application – if you’ve got normal /combi skin, squeeze a generous blob of it and spread it over your skin. Now because the paste is really thick and has the exfoliating bits of rice, it’s best to do this gently and slow. Don’t be pulling it all over your skin – no matter how resilient your skin is, it’s never recommended to make such harsh motions. Massage it into your skin in circular motions and then wet the fingertips, continue massaging so that it works into a rich lather, and then rinse off.

For those with sensitive skin, apply this to damp skin – you’ll find that this is spread more easily because of the moisture.

I personally prefer to apply it on towel-dried skin (which still has some moisture), and then massage with wet finger tips for a minute or so, and then rinse off.

  • Tip #1: I use this to exfoliate the decolletage and chest area.
  • Tip #2: Follow up with a gentle detoxing mask without any exfoliating bits (such as this one from Kiehl’s).
  • Tip #3: If you’re having some sort of breakout, avoid this Modern Friction and use this amazing Out Of Trouble Mask from Origins instead.

The Verdict: I love this – it may come across as rather abrasive and rough for some, but if you do it the way I do (on damp skin), you’ll find that it works very well. The massaging motion helps increase circulation in the skin, and is somewhat therapeutic. It also helps in scrubbing off the dead surface skin cells, while the thick paste sort of helps to suck out the impurities stuck in the pores and assist in declogging. What you’re left with is softer, smoother and brighter skin (cos the dull skin cells have been sloughed off). Even for someone like me who prefers the rougher sort of scrub, I only use this at most 2x a week. Overall, a pretty decent scrub that should work well even on sensitive skin (based on the ingredient list) if you utilise the proper application method.

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