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Review: O Hui Ideal Puff Blemish Balm

By Beautifulbuns

Somehow, I always start the week with a BB cream / foundation review. I’m not particularly sure why – perhaps it’s because I spend the weekends luxuriating lumping in my bed as well as applying pampering masks, which puts a bit more of a glow into my skin. And hey, since it’s one of the rare times in the week that I look somewhat decent, I shall unleash the semi-horror upon the world that is my face with no makeup :D


OHui Ideal Puff Blemish Balm
O Hui Ideal Puff Blemish Balm Special Set

I can’t remember the price cos I bought it a while back, but I do recall it being a good deal for so many items, so I’d place it at around KRW60,000 onwards for the entire set.


OHui Ideal Puff Blemish Balm poster


OHui Ideal Puff Blemish Balm (1)
The Special Set comes with the BB, a replacement puff, a cleansing foam as well as a mascara.


OHui Ideal Puff Blemish Balm (2)

OHui Ideal Puff Blemish Balm (3)

OHui Ideal Puff Blemish Balm (4)

OHui Ideal Puff Blemish Balm (5)
A pretty decent finish (applied by hand)


OHui Ideal Puff Blemish Balm (7)
Trying out the puff applicator to see if there’s a difference – I guess there is some? It seems a little more lightweight / natural / airbrushed on using the puff.


OHui Ideal Puff Blemish Balm (6)
Now you see ‘em red splotches, and next you don’t!



OHui Ideal Puff Blemish Balm (8)
Psst – this is at the end of the day, after 6 hours of wear. Not bad ‘eh?

I say…

  • This comes in  rather robust packaging — it stands and balances pretty well on its own at 11cm tall and a cap base.
  • The click-top cap opens up to reveal the puff top applicator (see photos above).
  •  It’s a very handy packaging because if you’re looking to touch up on the go, there’s no need to get your hands dirty.
  • Simply squeeze the tube gently and the BB cream will ooze out from the hole in the puff.
  • The opening is rather large at 4mm, but because the BB cream is slightly thicker in consistency, there is little risk of overdispensing in a flood.
  • The puff is soft and great for large surface area dispensal (such as the cheeks, forehead and chin), but it gets a little iffy around the tinier corners such as the edge of the nose, or even the nose itself. For areas like these, I either use a foundation brush or my fingers.
  • Also, I have this mentality that I’m “wasting” the product if I do a puff application, cos a portion of the product will get absorbed into the sponge.
  • However, if you apply using the sponge, it will take away some of the “dewiness” for those who prefer a more matte finish (kinda like the excess moisture being sucked into the sponge).
  • It has a very mild and faint powdery scent that you probably won’t even notice unless you’re inhaling like a sniffer dog.
  • The BB cream is slightly thicker in consistency but still glides onto the skin smoothly.
  • It gives a nice dewy effect but I find that my glasses don’t slide down my nose as much as they usually do (with other dewy-type BB creams).
  • It’s about 50:50 in terms of dewy:matte finish, and because of this, it’s also rather moisturising (upon first application).
  • It covers pretty well – the dark eye circles are sufficiently covered up, about 75% of them.
  • Thankfully, there was no oxidisation.
  • The oil control is pretty decent as well (about 6.5/10) – I went about 6 hours without having to blot the face.
  • The wear time is also not that bad, clocking in at about 6 hours before it started disappearing (noticeable areas were the chin and corners of the nose).  In particular, I found the cheek area to be slightly dehydrated as time wore on.

Overall, it’s a pretty functional BB cream to have for days when your skin is feeling a little down or parched. It brightens up the skintone, and adds some moisture. The downside is that it doesn’t perform well with touch-ups – I’m guessing the formula is not buildable. It does have a decent wear time though, so I would probably just dab on a little touch-up using my BB cushions.


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