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Review - Midnights with the Mystic

By Nadine
As previously posted in April, I am excited to share a review of Midnights with the Mystic by Cheryl Simone with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. I was sent it for review by the publicist.
I really enjoyed this book. Cheryl Simone has a great writing style and a way of welcoming you into the story. I felt as if I were sharing in the late night learnings. Cheryl's own story and her journey on her path are very inviting. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev's wisdom is great.
I have read some books where I see myself in the author. This was not one of those books. I greatly respect Cheryl and her journey but for me it wasn't my journey. There is nothing wrong with that and I enjoy reading other people's journeys. And I enjoy reading about other gurus; because while I respect Sadhguru, he is not my guru.
However, as expected with such a great teacher, I certainly found some pearls of wisdom to take away. One of these:

  • "I want you to understand that life around you will respond and create itself to match the way you are and not the way you and the people around you think you are. What you think about yourself is existentially irrelevant."

This book is a great glimpse of a spiritual journey. It is an easy read on some deep subjects. I highly recommend Midnights with the Mystic.

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