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Review: Make Up Forever Aqua Liner

By Beautifulbuns

Besides dressing up my lips in garishly outlandish bright colours these days, I’ve also taken it upon myself to dress up my eyes with coloured liners. What can I say? Second puberty, people! (or it could be my desperate attempt to defy the signs of aging by dressing younger – who knows?) Thankfully, I haven’t gone over to getai standards yet  -phew-

Make Up Forever Aqua LinerMake Up Forever Aqua Liner

Make Up Forever Aqua Liner featured
A huge range of colours – to check out all the colours, visit their website here.

Make Up Forever Aqua Liner (3)

Make Up Forever Aqua Liner (1)


17: Diamond Grey

18: Diamond Blue

2: Diamond Black

19: Diamond Pearly Pink

Make Up Forever Aqua Liner (2)

Make Up Forever Aqua Liner (4
The rub test

I say…

For the life of me – I cannot figure out why it took me like all of 10 years of eyeliner-wearing to venture into a coloured eyeliner territory. Let’s call it the BB files – beauty-bamboozled files. -cue creepy X-files music-

  • Anyhoos, this Make Up Forever Aqua Liner comes in your usual plastic tube packaging.
  • The cap is attached to its felt-tip liner.
  • The tip is relatively inflexible, and isn’t too coarse or abrasive against the eyelids.
  • Because of its inflexibility, it’s good for eyeliner newbs cos it’ll help you draw a line more steadily (vs those flexibly brush tips).
  • The tip is also rather fine, so you can draw those lines easily (provided that you wipe  / tap off the excess to avoid blobs of ink).
  • Beauty tip: Note that felt tip liners do not “absorb” the product (like brush-tip types do), so make sure that you’re not standing near a fan or an open source of wind when you’re applying this, or you’ll find that the tip will keep drying up before you even finish drawing the entire line.
  • This range of liners come with a high level of glitter, especially for shade 19 (light pink with lots and lots of shimmer), making it suitable for aegyo-sal creation, or for highlighting and opening up your eyes.
  • Cos there’s so much glitter, make sure that you shake it reallll good before using it – I guess it’s kinda like a suspension-emulsion inside, so if you don’t shake it well, you’ll get a rather watered-down semi-transparent line.
  • If you prefer a pencil/gel type, try the CLIO Gelpresson Upper Liners.
  • Shade 2 is quite unique – it’s black with gold glitters, giving it an almost olive/khaki sheen. I’d recommend this for those looking to try a coloured liner for the first time, but are still reluctant to deviate away from the black lines.
  • Alternatively, try shade 17. Although the packaging is brown, the liner is actually comes out as a deep purple-grey with pink and blue shimmers, giving it a glitter effect that’s suitable for daytime wear.
  • Shade 18 has got to be my favorite – the blue is so rich and vibrant, and looks great layered above my usual black liner.
  • This liner is stated to be waterproof, and remains that way.
  • It’s also relatively smudgeproof – my oil lids didn’t wear the liners down that quickly. At the end of the day, smudging was rather minimal.
  • Although a few hard rubs will remove them in flakes, I’m assuming you will not be committing the beauty (and hygiene) faux pas of  rubbing your eyes while wearing makeup.
  • They are also quite easy to remove with your usual makeup remover wipes/cleansing oil/whatever thingamajig you may use. There’s no residual glitter or black splotches if you do a proper cleanse.

Overall, a fun product to have in your makeup pouch, especially if you’re heading out after work / school and want to jazz up that tired bleary face with a slight pop of shimmer and glitter.

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