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Review: Ma Cherie End Cure Milk

By Beautifulbuns

Time does heal everything, including over-permed frizzed out maggi mee hair. Note to self and everyone else – do not indulge that itchy backside and perm your hair twice in a span of 6 months. It does not end well. Hah.

After a year of bitching, moaning, whining and resisting Jei’s efforts to chop off the damaged ends, my hair has finally, finally grown out. There’s about 3-5 more inches of bad hair, but hey, now that people are asking “Did you straighten your hair? So nice and straight!”, I assume that my hair has put its hay-like past behind it. However, the ends still require some work, which is why this product comes in handy.

Ma Cherie Hair End Milk
Ma Cherie End Cure Milk – $16.90

Ma Cherie Hair End Milk (1)

Ma Cherie Hair End Milk (2)

Ma Cherie Hair End Milk (3

I say…

Well, the results are pretty obvious aren’t they? Despite the bad lighting, you can see the distinct differences in both sides.

  • It comes in a curved standing tube in a handy size , about 13 cm tall, and has  a flip-open cover.
  • Thankfully, the product is viscous enough to not ooze out the moment you open the cap, and yet is still easy to squeeze out.
  • Although it’s labelled as a “milk”, it’s really more of a gel-cream.
  • It seems to have a water base, cos when I squeeze a pea-sized blob onto my finger tip, I can see it begin to slide downnnnn.
  • It’s very quickly absorbed into my hair (not sure if it has anything to do with them being so dry and parched).
  • Oh wait, did I mention that it smells sooooo nice? The fruity fragrance isn’t overpowering, but slowly emanates up from my hair ends. Naise.
  • Back to the texture – it leaves my hair ends looking more healthy and shiny without weighing them down.
  • It doesn’t clump up my hair or make it sticky – I can still run my fingers through them as if I were a hair ad model hoho.
  • One really good thing is that it doesn’t leave my fingers sticky as well. Yes yes, I know, hygiene standards dictate that I should wash my hands after that (and I do!), but it would be nice not to have the overwhelming urge to immediately zip off to the toilet for once.
  • I apply it onto dry hair, but you can also apply onto towel-dried hair if you wish.
  • Check out the rest of this range (which I received last year but never got down to reviewing it cos I’m seriously seeing more products and bags than my actual bedroom floor).  #happyproblems

Me likey this product. I’ll defo continue using this till my next hair appointment in Seoul next month – I can’t wait to see Jei (and her expression) when she sees my sleek hair  hohoho.

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