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Review: Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream

By Beautifulbuns

If the world functioned as a place where everyone spoke what they thought, there would be anarchy, chaos and zombie invasion (fine, I just made the last one up). Until then, I guess we’ll all have to stick to being diplomatically polite with the rolling of the eyeballs – tongue biting is optional.

Alas, this takes a toll on the eyes, which makes it a must for us to steadfastly hunt for the perfect eye cream. Today I present to you a suitable candidate.

Kiehls Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye cream
Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream – SGD$65

Kiehls Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye cream (1)

Kiehls Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye cream (2)

Kiehls Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye cream (3)

Kiehls Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye cream (4)

I say…

Admittedly this is wayyyy overdue, since I received it during the launch sometime in April 2013. But hey, you know that eye creams take forever to finishhh -whines like a spoilt brat- heh.

  • It comes in a compact little tub with a screw-open cap.
  • There’s barely any scent to the eye cream.
  • It doesn’t come with a spatula, so make sure you have clean hands before dipping them in.
  • At first touch, it feels kinda solid, but after you rub your finger across the surface for a couple of seconds, it actually becomes more cream-like and makes it easy to pick up.
  • A little dot of cream is enough for one eye.
  • It doesn’t feel heavy, and is absorbed surprisingly fast.
  • I also love the fact that it doesn’t have any greasy feel after application, but instead leaves the skin somewhat matte and feeling distinctively more moisturised and firmer. Woot.
  • There isn’t a tingly sensation but there’s somewhat of a sensation. I can’t quite describe it cos it’s not specifically tangible, but it just makes me feel like the cream is working, as if the skin cells were suddenly enthusiastically huddling together to push the skin’s surface up to make it firmer. By contrast, the Hera Waterin Roll-On Eye Serum is more of a hydrating, soothing and calming eye serum.
  • I’ve been using it for several weeks now, and thankfully, I haven’t seen any new millia seeds so far.
  • The skin under the eye seems less dry (aka slightly more hydrated) and looks firmer. Although the dark eye circles are still there, I’m fine with it, cos I’m of the mentality that they can only be cured via sufficient sleep or a good respiratory system.

Overall, it’s a pretty decent eye cream that’s worth a try for its anti-ageing and firming benefits.

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