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Review - Keen-Wah Decadence Bars from YogaEarth

By Nadine
YogaEarth sent me their 3 flavors of Keen-Wah Decadence bars to review. These organic, vegan, gluten-free protein bars come in Coconut Almond, Cayenne Cinnamon and Chocolate Chia.
I will admit that I am an extremely picky eater and don't typically eat protein bars. I wasn't sure whether I would like any of these bars, so I decided to share each with others so that I would have multiple opinions.
Coconut Almond - I tried this bar first. I'm not the biggest coconut fan, so I wasn't sure what I'd think. I liked it! It had an almost cookie-type taste and texture to it. I didn't find the coconut overwhelming at all, and mostly tasted almonds and chocolate. As a protein bar, I felt this was top notch. As a cookie (which I ate the rest as a substitute for), it was a passable dessert. I shared this one with my mom and she thought it was fine but she would have liked more of a coconut flavor.
Cayenne Cinnamon - I love cayenne and cinnamon in my hot chocolate, so I was excited to try this. However, it just wasn't the right bar for me. The cinnamon was prominent, but so was the cayenne. I think, in the end, the cayenne bite was a bit too much for me. I shared this with two co-workers as a mid-afternoon snack. They both liked it. One said that the cayenne was what made this bar for her.
Chocolate Chia - My favorite bar! I loved this one. I thought it tasted more candy bar-ish and had a better dark chocolate type flavor (in the filling). I also shared this with my co-workers. The two that had tried the Cayenne Cinnamon both said it was fine but they definitely preferred the Cayenne Cinnamon.
One common theme with everyone I shared with: they thought it was milk chocolate, not dark chocolate, on the outside of the bar. It was more melty and less bitter than usual dark chocolate; I assume this is due to a higher cocoa butter content. However, since those people (and myself) are generally dark chocolate lovers, we would have prefered something a little harder and bitter.
The bars were definitely a winner in my books.
Just a note that I will be taking a break from blogging until Sat July 7. See you then!

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