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Review: Illi Moisture Cleansing Foam

By Beautifulbuns

Although there’s been a bit of a hoo-ha regarding the addition of artificial fragrances into skincare products and its pros and cons, I was never really fussed about the scent of a product until I met this one.

Illi Moisture Cleansing FoamIlli Moisture Cleansing Foam


Illi Moisture Cleansing Foam (1)

Illi Moisture Cleansing Foam (2)

Illi Moisture Cleansing Foam (3)


I say… 

  • Of course, I was tempted into buying this simply cos Illi is a well-established brand and trustable, but of course, having Jeon Ji Hyun’s face stuck on it totally helps.
  • The cleanser is a heavy gel texture that foams up really really nicely into a thick lather.
  • Just a tiny pearl is enough for the entire face.
  • It leaves me skin feeling hydrated and clean, without the need to have to double cleanse.
  • To be honest, this was the cleanser I’d opted for after finishing the CNP one, but unfortunately, the scent wasn’t my cuppa tea.
  • It’s an overpowering scent of Jasmine that I’ve never liked – I’m more of a citrus sorta gal.
  • I really did like the effects on my skin but the scent.. what can I say.. it’s just really not the kinda scent I’d want floating around my nose/skin.  Meh. :(

If you’re a jasmine-scent kinda girl – this will be for you, especially if your skin is slightly parched. It’s great for upping the moisture levels and giving you a good cleanse.


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