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Review: 3CE 3 Concept Eyes Lip Color Original

By Beautifulbuns

When I was growing up, there was a certain stigma attached to the usage of lipstick. It kinda used to be associated with elder ladies, and as an angsty acne-ridden teenager, I steadfastly refused to apply anything other than lip gloss. Although most of the lip glosses I applied were mostly sheer, I was convinced that eventually, I would be able to find something that gave me lipstick color intensity in the form of a lip gloss. Such is the foolishness of youth. Heh.


3CE Lip color Original
3CE 2 Concept Eyes Lip Color Original in #107 Bad Pink


3CE Lip color Original (1)

3CE Lip color Original info

3CE Lip color Original (2)

3CE Lip color Original (3)

3CE Lip color Original (4)
Ooh do I look like the model hurhurhur?


3CE Lip color Original model

I say..

  •  To be really honest, this isn’t the usual type of pink I would go for – I’m more of a wow and boomz type of hot pink.
  • The only reason why I ventured out of my comfort zone was because the Makeup Artist at the Dior Backstage Studio official opening tried it on me, and I liked it so much ever since then. Alas, I was trying too hard to be cool and didn’t ask him what shade he used. This is the closest one I could find :D
  • It comes in a square angled tube instead of the usual circular tube, which helps prevent it from rolling off surfaces.
  • It’s really creamy and glides on so smoothly.
  • The color is intense, and I only needed 2 coats (and 1 coat of lip balm) to achieve the effect in the photos.
  • If you’ve got less chapped lips than mine, you don’t even need the lip balm.
  • It stays on pretty long (unless you’re eating and drinking), and even then, it tints your lips nicely so that you’ll still have a nice rosy tint on your lips.
  • I like it so much that I went back and bought it in 408 Chu Chu shade (well, it was actually Romeo who chose it for me) – see below. Swatch to come soon :D
  • You can buy it online from Stylenanda’s website.


3CE Lip color Original chu chu


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