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Resolutions 2014

By Lifeasarunningmom @RunningMom6
Time is already flying by this year. I can't believe how quickly each day slips by as I am extremely busy in home and work life. But in all reality, I would rather have more than enough to do than nothing to do. And now it is the start to a new year so it is time to write down some resolutions. First, I must say I don't view resolutions in the traditional sense. I am not looking to redefine who I am, give up something big, or try to live a new life in any way, shape, or form. Instead, resolutions are more like my life goals. Where I want to see myself growing and developing in the new year. Yes, you can set these goals at any time in your life but in all reality, with all the hype of a new year why not choose the beginning of a new year? Plus it sets a good time frame to measure your progress by and yes, any goal you set for yourself, or I set for myself, must be SMART - specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely.
With that said, I have four primary goals for 2014.
    Resolutions 2014
  1. Fuel my body well. This is a continuation of my goal in 2013 to eat cleaner. I have made improvements but I feel there is still room to grow. Each day I make choices on what to eat and what not to eat. I want those to be guided by how those foods make my body feel. I am not going to say I will never drink a drop of alcohol or eat a bite of sugar. Yes, those may make my body feel less than 100% but I do feel it is okay to indulge and enjoy life as well. My goal is to get more freggies into my diet and by this I mean perhaps adding in new recipes or new varieties. 

  2. Improve my flexibility. I want to be able to touch my toes again. Hey, I wouldn't even mind being able to do the splits again. I see amazing yoga poses and dream of being able to do them. Are any of these elements truly that important? Yes and no. Yes, because I do want to try to get more limber and yes, because I feel they will help with my cranky hips and running. I feel my tight muscles, particularly the tight hammies that are compounded by having a desk job, contribute to my hips being pulled out of alignment. I know I feel better when my hips are in place and my legs can move freely. I believe working on flexibility will round out me as a healthier person. And the no part? I realize no fireworks will go off if I can touch my toes or do the splits or do amazing yoga poses. I realize I can benefit physically even if my efforts don't lead to those results. But still, I like having those metrics in place since they will clearly show improvements are in place, making this goal SMART. On December 19th darling daughter took a picture of me trying to touch my toes. I know have a reference point and a foundation to measure how I am doing. And how do I hope to achieve this? YOGA! Without realizing it was ever going to happen I seemed to have started a yoga streak! Today is day 6! And yes, my running streak will continue. That brings us to #3!
    Resolutions 2014

  3. Run every day. Today marks day 736 of my running streak and I want to keep at it all year (and beyond). Tied into that I have the new big dream to break a 4:00 marathon. I am already setting the foundation by increasing my easy pace run based on my last marathon performance. I will move to increase my speed work pace as well, probably next month. Yes, I do things in stages. This is all my pre-training as my marathon training will official begin in June with the same coach. I already have him on standby. I still have the dream of running an ultra one day but that road is still blurry. I feel if there was an official ultra on Maui I would pave it better but right now I feel the road to a speedier marathon is the right road for me to be on. I know numbers don't mean everything but my gut tells me there is more for me to learn about me here so I will continue my dream. And yes, I have a big, big goal but if you know me at all, you know I won't vocalize that one yet. I need to get to the big goal first. Baby steps my friends!

  4. Be a stronger representative of Maui running. I started this with my last race report in which I provided full race results for the local Women Helping Women race. I want to do more of that with the local races on Maui. I can't promise all races since I want to be able to tell a story too but for races my family participates in, I will strive to provide a nice overview of the race with results for all participants, not just me, dear hubby, or darling daughter. Think of it as a race review and a place where all can find results. It may be easier said than done but I will do my best!
And last but not least, my power word for 2014. In 2013, it was STRENGTH. It is the word that popped in my mind when I needed a bit of more power. A word I could repeat as a mantra. I won't drop that word from my vocabulary but it is a new year; therefore, time for a new power word to focus on. This year it will be......FAITH. Faith in me. Faith in God. Faith in love. Faith in my training. Faith in life. Faith in {you fill in the blank}. FAITH.
Resolutions 2014
Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the YogaStudio app on my phone to guide me through my yoga practice.Daily Affirmation: I am a caring, giving person.

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