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  • How to Talk to a Skeptic

    Talk Skeptic

    There are plenty of books on apologetics out there and that is a good thing. But what we don’t need is more books just saying the same thing. Read more

    The 12 March 2014 by   Sjbedard
  • Mark O'Connell on How Anti-Gay Laws Make Targets of All of Us

    Mark O'Connell Anti-Gay Laws Make Targets

    Therapist Mark O'Connell points out what I've tried to say over and over here about laws targeting gay citizens and making them susceptible to discrimination... Read more

    The 12 March 2014 by   William Lindsey
  • God, I Can Help You Change My husband…I Know How To!

    Dear God, Thanks’ for your time, really appreciate it, I know you must have lots do to these days. With all these people doing wrong choices, they don’t know ho... Read more

    The 12 March 2014 by   Familyfriends
  • Imagination, Apologetics and Art

    Imagination, Apologetics

    The headline doesn't sound too promising, does it? But, it brings together the last couple of days before I return to Bradford tomorrow for a week of work befor... Read more

    The 07 March 2014 by   Nicholas Baines
  • Ten Ways to Deepen Our Relationship with God

    Ways Deepen Relationship with

    ARCHBISHOP CHARLES J. CHAPUT, O.F.M. CAP. Here are a few steps — in no particular order — that can help us draw closer to God. Over the years I’ve heard from... Read more

    The 06 March 2014 by   Stjohnpa
  • America Editorial Calls on Catholics to Oppose Anti-Gay Legislation in Nigeria,...

    In its latest editorial, the Jesuit magazine America notes that though Pope Francis's "Who am I to judge?" has offered a "fresh embodiment" of Catholic... Read more

    The 26 February 2014 by   William Lindsey
  • Jesus: The Prince of Peace Not the God of War

    Jesus: Prince Peace

    Jesus tells us that most people love their family and friends but hate their enemies. Then He tells us we should love not only our friends and family but we... Read more

    The 19 February 2014 by   Ldsapologetics
  • Tsunami Spirits

    Tsunami Spirits

    Japan has had more than its fair share of epic disasters, the most recent of which came on March 11, 2011, when the earth shifted and ocean waved. Within... Read more

    The 15 February 2014 by   Cris
  • In Defense of Married Love

    Defense Married Love

    We wondered if we should post this piece today after yesterday’s excellent essay from the perspective of a single woman. But this piece is a tribute to... Read more

    The 14 February 2014 by   Marilyngardner5
  • TED Talk: Tavi Gevinson's Still Figuring It Out

    I've never really followed Tavi Gevinson, the teenage fashion blogger who's made headlines for her feminist leanings, but a friend recommended that I watch her... Read more

    The 14 February 2014 by   Starofdavida

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