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  • Why We Shout In Anger

    Shout Anger

    A Hindu sage walked with his disciples to the shores of the Ganges where he saw a family shouting in anger at each other.The sage turned to his disciples, smile... Read more

    The 10 February 2014 by   Ldsapologetics
  • The Trouble With Shadow Comforts

    Trouble With Shadow Comforts

    “Shadow comforts can take any form. It’s not what you do; it’s why you do it that makes the difference. You can eat a piece of chocolate as a holy wafer of... Read more

    The 06 February 2014 by   Marilyngardner5
  • The Kingdom Awaits You

    Kingdom Awaits

    Jesus served many but He was also served. I'll give you a few examples and we will see how Jesus views these acts."And one of the Pharisees desired him that he... Read more

    The 29 January 2014 by   Ldsapologetics
  • Wander


    My mind prefers to wander To somewhere else instead When things become too tricky I take off in my head To safer climes and places Where everything is great... Read more

    The 26 January 2014 by   Mike Bullock
  • How to Take Charge of Your Own Inner Peace

    Here are some thoughts that might (or might not) have crossed your mind.1. Is God omniscient (all-knowing)?Most people would answer yes to that question.2.... Read more

    The 26 January 2014 by   Albert Wagner
  • Sleep Deprivation: It’s Hazardous to Your Health.

    Sleep Deprivation: It’s Hazardous Your Health.

    As I am writing this, I am home on sick leave.  I see great wrong in this, because I take great lengths to keep myself healthy. Read more

    The 17 January 2014 by   Lessonsofadad
  • On Old Friends and New Memories

    Friends Memories

    I wake to a grey and wet November day, cloudy skies overhead and soggy leaves strewn across the pavement. The trees, however, are still bright with the colors o... Read more

    The 07 November 2013 by   Marilyngardner5
  • Interfaith Children Speak Out, #3: David

    Interfaith Children Speak Out, David

    To celebrate the publication of Being Both: Embracing Two Religions in One Interfaith Family, this is the third in a series of portraits drawn from my survey... Read more

    The 07 November 2013 by   Susan Katz Miller
  • Voting Vicissitudes

    Voting Vicissitudes

    “Remember, remember, the fifth of November, the Gunpowder Treason and plot. I know of no reason, why the Gunpowder Treason, should ever be forgot. Read more

    The 06 November 2013 by   Steveawiggins
  • Polling American Catholics About Contraception, Same-Sex Marriage, and Divorce:...

    Polling American Catholics About Contraception, Same-Sex Marriage, Divorce: Another Helpful Suggestion

    About that survey that the Vatican asked bishops' conferences to do, to poll the faithful about the issues of contraception, same-sex marriage, and divorce: I... Read more

    The 03 November 2013 by   William Lindsey

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