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  • If You Want to Be a Good Person, It Does Matter What You Believe

    Want Good Person, Does Matter What Believe

    By Rev. Robert Barron A team of sociologists, led by Catholic University professor William D’Antonio, recently published a survey that has gotten quite a bit... Read more

    The 17 December 2011 by   Stjohnpa
  • How I’m Starting 2012 Off Right

    Starting 2012 Right

    In a past job, I worked for a weight loss facility. And, like clockwork, the first working day after New Year’s Day was one of the busiest days of our year.Phot... Read more

    The 30 December 2011 by   Mochocki
  • Thoughts On Blogging…

    Thoughts Blogging…

    I’ll never forget the first time I heard the word “blog.” It sounded like my friend burped. And the concept sounded about as stupid. Read more

    The 05 December 2011 by   Caryschmidt
  • Intercession Vs. Free Will

    Intercession Free Will

    The teachings of New Age always emphasize free will and how we are responsible for our destiny; which can be changed at any time by changing our thoughts toward... Read more

    The 18 December 2011 by   Lambsaved
  • The End of Advent


    Christmas has devoured Advent, gobbled it up with the turkey giblets and the goblets of seasonal ale. Every secularized holiday, of course, tends to lose the... Read more

    The 01 December 2011 by   Stjohnpa
  • All I Want for Christmas is You…daddy

    Want Christmas You…daddy

    Presents are cool. But dad's company? Better. For a while, I was starting to forget that Lessons Of A Dad is primarily a blog about parenting, as I’ve been a bi... Read more

    The 23 December 2011 by   Lessonsofadad
  • Is It Really the Holidays?

    Really Holidays?

    A motorcycle drove by our house this weekend in South Dakota. Brrr? Nope, it has been unseasonably warm here. The temperature this weekend hit 50 degrees. Read more

    The 23 December 2011 by   Mochocki
  • A Collection of Posts on New Year Planning

    Collection Posts Year Planning

    This is a repost of reposts—how’s that for loser blogging!? Over the past few years, I’ve written a number of articles about creating an annual planner for... Read more

    The 01 December 2011 by   Caryschmidt
  • ‘Tis the Season to Give Back

    ‘Tis Season Give Back

    Do you ever think I’m only one person, I can’t change the world!I used to think this. Then I sponsored a child.We have an outdoor festival our area called... Read more

    The 21 December 2011 by   Mochocki
  • Contemplations of the Heart

    Contemplations Heart

    Anyone that knows me, knows I am a Listener. Sometimes your soul speaks. Where there is unrest, sometimes your soul is speaking. what is your soul saying,... Read more

    The 10 December 2011 by   Jenrene


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