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Random Drivel Coming Out of My Fingers

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

A great way to get 7 hours behind on homeschooling is to get sick. First we had this sinus infection deal go through the house with a side of sore throat. Then we had a stomach bug roll through that I’ll spare you the details about. Ugh, what a week. I hope nobody else get this in this house. My hubby had to miss half a day of work, the girls missed 2 days of homeschool (although we did sneak a few things in each day it was no where near our usual) Lincoln missed 1 day of school, and Adrian missed 2 days of school.

I felt bad because when Adrian goes to bed at night he always says “school tomorrow?” and I always let him know whether or not he’s going. Needless to say he was extremely upset with me when he did not get to go to school yesterday or today. He yelled at me this morning saying “I’m not sick!” but I thought otherwise. Speaking of his “school tomorrow?” question…when my mom is visiting his question wouldn’t be “school tomorrow?” it was always “no school tomorrow?”. He loves spending time with his grandma and the boys have brought her up a lot this week. She got to sneak out for a quick visit earlier this month because she had a work meeting and they were sad to see her go but Adrian didn’t get as upset as he got the first time that she had to come and leave again.

I had to cancel both the boys’ school conferences that I was supposed to have today. There was just no way I could do it, I felt too lousy. This afternoon I started to feel a bit better and tonight I feel almost normal. I’m really looking forward to talking with both teachers, I’m not sure if Lincoln’s teacher will want to reschedule or not since his IEP meeting is on November 4th. I’d like to get to know her a little better so I’m hoping we can get that rescheduled but I guess it depends on how are calendars can mesh in the next couple weeks.

The girls and I are looking forward to library day tomorrow during school. We’re going to be playing homeschool catch up all weekend after being sick so it should be a busy next few days and if anyone else gets stick…well it will still be a busy next few days!

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