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Putting Her Back Together

By Svprili @svprili

IMG_1805[1]Tomorrow Carl plans on leaving out for Louisiana so we can haul her out to complete the paint job. You can pretty much see yourself in her reflection! Finishing up putting on her cleats and blocks so she can be tied up at the dock. When she comes back from Louisiana we’ll then put the masts back on with the brand new rigging. She won’t be so naked anymore.

The fridge isn’t turned on in the picture but it works brilliantly. It was crazy how much better it worked with the new vents under Pri’s bed. Night and day.

Mike installed our new custom sink in the aft cabin, marvelous. We had planned for the bathroom to be our hanging locker for foul weather gear and lifejackets but it also has a working shower and loo.

We converted the hanging locker next to the nav station into a pantry for dry goods. It was a waste of space set up as a hanging locker, all our gear would have gone moldy within a week stuffed in there.



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