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Coming Along

By Svprili @svprili
Slowly she’s coming along. The interior trim has been scuffed up and ready to varnish. The stove is in and doesn’t look so “easy bake oven” anymore. The new sink for the master and counter around the galley sink have also been installed and they are AWSOME!DSCN0456
Best of all the girls LOVE their rooms and can’t wait to move on. Pri said she didn’t even need a mattress, just a blanket. For some reason little wags was more excited over the head then anything.DSCN0459

refit 8.21.13 from Carly on Vimeo.

master 8.20.13 from Carly on Vimeo.
Sorry about the sideways videos, I haven't put our video editing software on the laptop yet - and who knows where it is in this mess of a house, we move out tomorrow. Just crook your head and enjoy :)  Also got a few bubba things in the mail via amazon, love you amazon! This is the bumper bed that will be in the upper sea berth in the salon, it’s going to work perfectly to stop a bubba from squirming around. Not to worry we are also going to make a lee cloth so he/she will be 100% contained. DSCN0468

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