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By Svprili @svprili
We have learnt a lot this year, and know that we will have a bunch more still to learn: 1. ALWAYS use birth control!!!2. Never buy a used boat thinking that it's not a fix-er-up-er. Then times your budget by 10 to get a real estimate of the costs... then just had some more $$3. It's always good to have a move on and leave deadline but lets face it you'll blow way past it.4. There is no way 2 adults can sleep in a double birth, one person is bound to wake with a black eye.5. If you take out the engine and get it rebuilt it's never going to go back in the same way.6. Don't opt for cheap Chinese anchor chain, it wont fit your windlass and you'll end up with 100'+ of chain you've already painted. And finally7. Never name your blog after your boat because when you change boats the blog is awfully confusing.  Number 7 is rather important. We have gone ahead and purchased a 65' steel Bruce Roberts. We are going to name her "Salty", she's a she but a bit of a beast. We would have outgrown Prili within 2 years and this bargain popped up. We have put a lot of sweat and tears into Prili over the past year or so and it pains up to let her go but we know when to think with our heads and cut our losses. We should be brining Prili back from Louisiana on Thursday or Friday and plan on making some videos to put her up for sale so keep your eyes on this blog if you're looking for a kick ass boat. But if you are more interested in us than our boat please bookmarksaltykisses.net Promise not to change the blog address again. It's pretty plain with only one post but our internet situation is not ideal at the moment. So check it out and tell us what you think of SV Salty. our blog is movingOne of Salty's greatest assets!!! The galley, not the bald head! Sorry Love :) Carly

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