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Push It Wednesday: What's Beautiful?

By Lifeasarunningmom @RunningMom6
Push It Wednesday: What's Beautiful?This is a sponsored post for Under Armour What's Beautiful through FitFluential. 
Aloha and here we are again to another Wednesday, another hump day, another Push It Wednesday. It is the perfect opportunity to fill you in on the journey I am embarking upon with Under Armour What's Beautiful campaign. Under Armour is redefining What's Beautiful for the female athlete and I am completely stoked to be part of it, to set a goal, to embrace the challenge, and to encourage you to join in.
If you have been following my blog, you are used to my Push It Wednesday posts. If you are new, in a nutshell, Push It Wednesday is a day I am dedicating to pushing myself just a little further to achieve my running goals. I choose Wednesday mainly as a replacement for Wordless Wednesday as I am hardly ever wordless and because in all reality, Wednesdays are tough. It is the hump day. It may be harder to get up and do what you need to do. And if I am going to do a longer run or run harder mid-week, Wednesday is the perfect day to let me push myself harder and recover in time for my true long run on the weekends.
Why all this pushing? Because I have HUGE goals. Goals I want to achieve. I could go into them and ramble on forever as I have that many. They are pretty much the same but when it got down to it and I had to state my goal for the What's Beautiful campaign, that was a bit harder. What goal did I want to commit to publicly? What goal is truly the big goal that will define me as a female athlete? And yes, even though I will never be an Olympian I am an athlete. I just recently accepted that truth mainly when my nutritionist told me as such. But I digress....
My it is! Instead of writing it down, I chose to vlog about it. Go ahead and watch it! I will stay right here and you will even get to see a wonderful blooper that truly made the video worth keeping! Gotta love unexpected events!
Push It Wednesday: What's Beautiful?I am sure you have big goals for yourself and I challenge you to take the leap, join the Under Armour What's Beautiful contest and join my team, Push It!
I will be setting up a few challenges for team participants and updating my participation on a weekly basis. Stay tuned as next week I will fill you in on how I will be translating my What's Beautiful goal to a S.M.A.R.T. goal.
And did I push myself today? Absolutely! All week I had it in my mind that I was to do a 4 mile tempo run today. When I looked at my schedule last night I saw it said 3 miles at tempo pace. So this morning, I told myself to do 3-4 miles at tempo pace but deep down, I wanted the 4 miles since I did 3.5 miles last week. I successfully did 4 miles at tempo. It was hard but I am feeling good and strong now.
Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for signs of compassion.
Daily Affirmation: My eyes are a beautiful window to my soul.

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