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Propolis: Natures Most Potent Antioxidant

By Healyounaturally @healU_naturally

No, those weird looking brown things aren’t what you are thinking (grin)!


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What is Propolis?

The name is derived from the ancient Greeks, who observed that honeybees will utilize this material to reduce or mostly close off the opening(s) to their hive.  Pro (before) polis (the city). Propolis is a sticky, gummy and resinous material collected by honey bees from buds and the bark of trees and shrubs. The bees use this material to fill cracks, reduce openings to their hive and coat the entire inside to help protect it from disease. Bees that harvest propolis are phytochemical and medicinal experts doing specialized work for us, gathering and concentrating a unique botanical product that would be too expensive and difficult to collect by humans!

A powerful botanical medicine and detoxifier

Documented uses for propolis have included: violin varnish, anesthetic and ointments for treating burns,  cuts, abscesses and wounds.   However, Propolis is believed to be one of the most potent natural antibacterials that reduces inflammation, and  fights fungal, bacterial and viral infections.  

Although red wine is purported to be healthful in moderation it would take 6 to 12 months of wine drinking to gain the benefits equal to one day’s worth of propolis supplements. ~ Alive, Bee Products

Most of the compounds responsible for these benefits have been studied in other medicinal plants but unlike propolis no known plant contains all of them.

We spent quite some time doing research and found out that Chinese, Australian made Propolis.  which has a concentration of a whooping 270 mg of Antioxidants per gram of food or liquid and  Brazilian Propolis are among the most potent propolis in the world.

Vitamin and Mineral Content of Propolis

Vitamin A (carotene) Vitamin B1 Vitamin B2

Vitamin B3 Albumin Biotin An array of bioflavonoids

Iron Calcium Magnesium

Magnesium Zinc Silica

Potassium Phosphorus Manganese

Cobalt Copper Calcium

Isn’t Propolis amazing?   Often times we forget or underestimate the power of Bees.  These phytochemical and botanical experts who have spent millennia finding pollens that are abundant, non-toxic and nutritious.   The US propolis we are found to come from reputable companies are: The Durham’s Queen Delight with a 3 in 1 formula of Royal Jelly, Propolis, & Bee Pollen.  It doesn’t get any better than this.   Our second choice is Durham’s Bee Propolis 500mg 120 Capsules and last YS Organic Farms Propolis-Raw Unprocessed. *

Keep an eye on the labels though, because some of propolis from retail stores comes from china.   Today we must proceed with caution with everything that comes from china; we all know why. Oddly enough, china produces one of if not the most potent type of Propolis with 300 mg of Antioxidants per gram of food or liquid.  I think you can try and get Chinese propolis from there if you know of a reliable resource.    If you are interested in more superfoods like these you can’t find them at your local shop, or  visit our online “Shop Naturally aStore” , where I have hand picked tons of five star ratings: Supplements, superfoods, safe cocking tools, natural healing/eating books and much more.

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Royal Jelly, Propolis and Honey by Rita Elkins, MA

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