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Probiotic Enema: Benefits, Injection and Side Effects

By Kenin Bassart @Constantramble

Keeping your body healthy is a goal for everyone. One of the vital body parts is your stomach. There are many activities taking place in the stomach. The food you take gets down to the stomach where it is broken down, and within a few hours, it is made ready for absorption. The intestines are involved in digestion of this food. Inside the stomach, there are probiotics bacteria involved in food digestion.

Probiotics are bacteria that keep you healthy. The human colon has so many bacteria to keep your body immune and help in digestion and development of the immune system. The best way of keeping your stomach healthy is by taking care of these bacteria in your stomach. Luckily as we are going to see in the article, there are so many benefits of taking care of the bacteria.

Probiotic Enema: Benefits, Injection and Side Effects
What is Probiotic Enema?

A probiotic enema is the injection of a chemical to the rectum to stimulate the movement of bowels. Its primary purpose is to treat cases of constipation. An enema is a tool inserted to the rectum to make the stool loose and easy to dispel from your body. The body also uses other probiotics to make sure your stomach is healthy.

The probiotic enema is becoming a popular alternative for weight loss and maintaining your immune system. In this article, you will learn all you need to know about the probiotic enema.

Probiotic Enema: What are the Benefits of Probiotic Enema?

Improvement in Digestion

Many factors cause sluggish digestion. Bloating, diarrhea, indigestion, and constipation. To resolve all the digestion problems you are facing, you will need to use a probiotic enema. It will clear your digestion system and improve the digestion process within your body.

Getting Rid of Candida

Candida is a condition when there is an overgrowth of yeast in the body. The human body has some yeast. When the human body produces the yeast in excess, it will lead to incidences of fatigue and stress. You can also experience frequent cold and cases of flu when there is excess candida.

Increasing energy Levels Within Your Body

The presence of too much bacteria in the digestive tract can lead to fatigue. When you get rid of these bacteria using the probiotic enema, you will increase energy levels within your body.  An increase in the energy levels means you will have the ability to increase your working performance.

Strong Immune System

Presence of bacteria in your body can cause common illnesses such as cold and flu. Using a probiotic enema recipe will minimize the number of bacteria in your body. The occurrence of a disease will not be three since the immune system is much stronger than it was before.

Maintaining a Good State of the Mind

There is a relationship that exists between the gut system and the brain.  For example, if you begin thinking of eating, stomach juices can be released even though you have not eaten yet. An imbalance of the bacteria in the gut system can cause extreme emotion. In some extreme cases, it can lead to the onset of depression. By using a probiotic enema recipe, you will be at a better position of maintaining the normal function of your brain.

Treatment of Learning Disabilities

Common learning disabilities such as ADD and ADHD can cause challenges when the kid is learning. A study has shown that the use of probiotic enema can treat the condition. In research, a group of newborns was used to illustrate the effects of a probiotic enema.  After 13 years, the group that did not receive a probiotic enema with ADD disability was at 7%. The other group that was given probiotic enema had ADD at the rate of 0%.

Treatment of Autism

Lab results show that the use of probiotic enema can treat autism. Most of the physicians and the autism groups recommend the use of probiotic enema to for people, with the condition. It is essential to get the right prescription from the doctors before using a probiotic enema.

Probiotic Enema: What is the Available Research on Its Effectiveness?

Probiotic Enema: Benefits, Injection and Side Effects
Probiotic enema and its effectiveness is still a new field of study. The available research on probiotic enema and its effectiveness is so promising.

In a recent study, the use of probiotic enema was found to have many benefits on children with UC condition. But always consult with a doctor before using it.

It is important to note that there are different strains of probiotic enema and they might not be producing the same results.  The human body also has different micro-organisms. How your body responds to probiotic enema can vary greatly. It will all depend on the composition found within your human body.

Can You Use Probiotic Enema for Weight Loss?

Weight loss is a topic on its own. Most people are struggling with excess weight. Some of the natural practitioners claim that the use of probiotic enema will help you lose weight. According to Brenda Watson, the presence of waste in the colon causes a buildup of toxins. These toxins can build up in the body leading to weight gain. Body processes such as metabolism and liver detoxification will not take place.

The use of probiotic enema to get rid of waste can result in weight loss. However, there should be a combination of other weight loss techniques. It is because findings from research about the issue are limited.

Probiotic Enema Verses Oral Supplementation

Oral supplementation and food choices are other alternatives for consuming probiotics. Making sure the probiotics reach the digestion system successfully is essential.

Even the use of oral supplements and food is a good option; the use of probiotics enema will ensure they get into the colon. It will also provide the placement of the bacteria in the right place.

Who Should Use Probiotic Enema?

A probiotic enema should be used if you have digestive problems. Such conditions include UC or IBS. Before using it, you need to consult your doctor.  They will provide a recommendation on how you are supposed to use it based on your health condition and the existing research.

The probiotic supplements are not regulated by FDA meaning it can become very difficult for you to get the right one when carrying out the purchase online.

How to Administer Probiotic Enema?

Probiotic Enema: Benefits, Injection and Side Effects
Before you start using the probiotic enema, it is essential for you to see your doctor. The doctor will give you advice on the types of probiotic enema which are appropriate for your body. They can also offer guidance on the bucket kit you need to use.

It is also vital for you to receive education on appropriate application procedures of the probiotic enema.

Things You Need

  • Capsule Supplement
  • Measuring Cup
  • A lubricant which is Water Soluble
  • Distilled Water
  • Enema bag and Tube
  • Big Towel

It is important to make sure you are carrying out the injection of probiotic enema in the bathtub. It will help to protect any spills that may occur. You can also carry it out on a hard surface such as a tiled floor near the toilet. You can also get someone to help you with the injection process if possible.


  1. Using a cup of distilled water, dissolve the capsule supplement. Ensure they completely dissolve before you begin using the pro-biotic solution.
  2. Ensure you clamp the tube and pour out the contents into the enema bag. Secure the clamp when carrying out this practice.
  3. Hold the enema bag at a position higher than your body. You can hang the bag from the shower road if you are carrying it out in the bathroom. Also, make sure the end of the tubing has been held down when holding the bag or bucket.
  4. The tip of the tube should be lubricated well. It will make the process easier and faster.
  5. Lie on a fetal position while holding the enema bag.
  6. Just insert two inches of the probiotic liquid into your rectum. You can pull the knees closer to the chest when carrying out this practice.
  7. Loosen the clamp from tube to let the liquid flow inside the rectum. You can take some deep breaths during the process. Begin out slowly if it is your first time.
  8. Remove the tube from the rectum carefully.
  9. If you feel like releasing immediately, you can still sit on the toilet and wait to release as it is normal.

When carrying it out, you might observe some signs which occur after the procedure. Make sure you consult the doctor immediately when you see any of these signs.

  • Blood in your stool.
  • Presence of severe pain that does not disappear easily.
  • Movements of the watery bowels for more than two days

What are the Possible Side Effects of Probiotic Enema?

The probiotic enemas administered at home do not come with any health risks. When you carry out the injection at home, there are possible side effects. If you observe the side effects, make sure you visit or inform the doctor immediately.

The probiotic enemas can also have more side effects when you have health problems such as weakened immune system. Even though they are beneficial, in some instances they can lead to more infections in people who have compromised health.

The bottom line on Probiotics Enema

The use of a probiotic enema is increasing due to the health benefits reaped from the practice. Probiotic bacteria play a great role in maintaining your overall health. If you have common digestion problems, you can also give them a try.

In today’s society, we carry out a number of practices which hinder us from leading a healthy lifestyle. Such include taking a poor choice of diet, high levels of stress within the body, and the popularity on the use of antibiotics. The antibiotics promote the growth of harmful bacteria within your body. This will create an imbalance of the bacteria present within your body. When there are no enough probiotic bacteria in your body, the body will be prone to attack by diseases, depression and other allergies.

Using probiotic retention enema in the right way will help you to solve all these challenges. Furthermore, the probiotic supplements are available in most of the online shops and with the appropriate planning, you can get it.

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