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By Calicotales @calicotales
previously on instagram...
1// Sebastian at work on this homework. Writing capital and lowercase letters. We do a different letter every day after school. 2// me in my natural habitat. Surrounded by coffee. What else.3// dinner the other night. Chicken & Ravioli Parmesan. I've never breaded raviolis before and both Bobby and I loved them. I baked them instead of frying them.4// Guatemalan coffee in my French press right now my current obsession. It's was I look forward to on my weekends.5// my new snowboarding jacket that my sweet man bought me. It came in the mail the other day and fits just right. Hurrah! It helps with the anxiety of knowing how cold it will be up in the mountains. It will kept me warmmmm.6// a little boy who always manages to melt my heart just doing simple things like crouching down to look at a toy. He is such a detail oriented kid. 

Today however is for chores! It's not all that bad. I like to get things down and have a nice clean house to start the up and coming week with. Plus I have a four year old now who I've had a seriously conversation with about his toys and cleaning up after himself. In a nutshell I told him that he must pick up all toys from the floor or they will end up in the trash. Harsh? Maybe but you know what, when I came back in the room all the toys were put away. He understands that I mean business and well, jokes aside because I DO! Chores aren't all we are doing today. It's cold but sunny outside so we will be taking advantage of that plus painting and creating some new artwork is all on the agenda. 

Have fun!xoxo. 

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