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Post Workout Meal

By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254
Many things to do with nutrition are important, and a post workout meal is one of them. After you have had a tough workout, your body needs nutrients to start the recovery process. A lot of people think you have to get the nutrients in immediately after your workout, that's not entirely true. I aim to get a post workout meal/shake in within half an hour. I personally think that anytime during that half hour is fine.
Post Workout Meal
A question I get asked a lot by clients, people who like my Facebook page, and friends, is "what should I have after my workout?". How much of certain ingredients will depend on the intensity of your workouts and your fitness goals, but here is what I have after my workouts, and have found it to be effective:
- 6g glutamine
- 6g BCAA's
- 6g creatine
- 1g electrolytes
- 30g maltodextrin
- 30g whey protein
Yes, that isn't a 'meal', it's a shake, but that's simply because when I workout, it's more convenient for me to have a shake, and I usually have a meal a couple of hours later. This shake really helps me to recover. Before I started having this, I used to ache a lot more later that day and also the following day, whereas now I ache far less after getting that goodness into my system after my workouts.
Post workout nutrition is all about getting necessary nutrients into your body to start the recovery phase. If you 'miss' the window to get those nutrients in, your recovery could be hindered and you'll recover slower. You definitely want protein and fast acting carbs (i.e maltodextrin), and having other ingredients like I use will aid your recovery for sure.
Some peoples post workout nutrition is a lot less than mine, I know a few guys that literally have protein and carbs, and that's all. It all depends on what you want to do, your budget and your goals. An aspiring bodybuilder will have a lot more than I do, but a guy who is simply wanting to get a little fitter, will have less.
There's my opinion and also what I do, any questions please contact me through my website or my Facebook page.
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