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Pinterest Day: Tiny Homes

By Hblack79

Good Morning!!

Sadly I’m heading home today, but I’m excited about getting back home to Nick.  Tomorrow is his birthday so I have some fun stuff planned!  As I was trying to plan out some stuff for the week, I circled back around to some old posts to see if anything could be recycled.  I’m sure there is some opportunity there, but going back gave me the idea to do a pinterest post.  One of the newest boards I have on Pinterest is my Tiny Homes Board because Nick and I talk about having a tiny house one day.  It’s more efficient/environmentally friendly, it’s minimal living, and it’s unique.  I wanted to share some of the beautiful tiny homes I’ve found that I think are truly unique and hope to incorporate into my own tiny home one day.

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tiny house design inside. Love the two tone wood.


Amazing.... I feel like this would be kind of too open, and hard to get up too, but GREAT use of space, and really pretty


This is the type of house I want to live in when it is just me and my hubby! Go to the website to see all the pics. Best tiny house I've seen!




Elegant lofted bedroom suite - Villa Machiavelli, Tuscany, Italy.....this is the dream if I ever lived in a loft.


Tiny home for $11,500. An Architect Built This Stunning, 196-Square-Foot 'Tiny Home' In Idaho


  • What is your dream home like?  Is it small like mine?  Or is it big?  What’s the most important part of your dream house?  What can you absolutely not live without?
  • Am I crazy, or is there no way to embed pinterest images anymore?!  If you know, please share the information.  

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